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Panel formwork

The ORMA modular formwork is perfect for the construction of all kinds of vertical concrete structures, both in building construction and civil works (walls, columns, abutments, footings).‎
 It’s distinctive for high performance rates with minimum labour costs and erection time.‎
The system is comprised mainly of panels which, joined by clamps, make up formwork gangs.‎ It has items that provide efficient and safe solution for all types of geometries.‎

- Designed to withstand high concrete pressures (certified by GSV)
- Permissible concrete pressure:
3.‎ 3 m range: 80 kN/m2
2.‎ 7 m range: 74 kN/m2
- Maximum deflection:
For 60 kN/m2: line 7, tab.‎ 3 DIN 18202
For 80 kN/m2: line 6, tab.‎ 3 DIN 18202
- For pouring heights ≤ 3.‎ 3 m, 2 rows of anchors in height are required
For pouring heights > 3.‎ 3 m, 3 rows of anchors in height are required

- Very versatile: lateral holes for fast erection of standard solutions (bulkheads, corners, columns, etc.‎ ).‎ Minimum work on infillings and compensations
- ORMA clamps
- Panel connection with clamps and a single hammer blow
- Three basic functions: Join, Align , Stiffen
- Adjustment of clamp enables compensations of up to 10 cm
- Robust panel with galvanised steel frame and reinforced corners
- Connecting element between panels and corners
- Robust panel with steel frame and reinforced corners.‎
- Excellent finishing due to high-quality phenolic birch plywood.‎
- Wide height range of panels: 3.‎ 3 m; 2.‎ 7 m, 1.‎ 2 m and up to 3.‎ 3 x 2.‎ 4 m (7.‎ 92 m2).‎
- Safety items

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