Unopiù CREST Modular outdoor system in Okumè

  • Designer Stefano Boeri Interiors

CREST By Unopiù


Modular outdoor system in Okumè

Manufacture year



Stefano Boeri Interiors

Crest, born from the collaboration with Stefano Boeri Interiors, is a modular furniture system that draws inspiration from the contours of natural landscapes to redesign a new way of enjoying your outdoor spaces.‎
The strong architectural connotation offers the versatility to fluidly design your outdoor locations and relocating activities which usually take place inside the home to the outdoors, stimulating our wellbeing.‎
Thanks to its modularity, Crest defines a new way of imagining the outdoors, suggesting a variety of solutions that enable the enjoyment of multiple activities while meeting the needs of contemporary outdoor living.‎
The modern design of the project consists of six sectional modules with exceptional chairs such as, lounge chairs, tables and washbasins.‎
The endless configurations allow the outdoor environment to be transformed and customized to meet multiple needs such as cooking and eating wonderful meals, sharing ideas and pleasant moments together while collaborating, playing, learning, hosting friends, and working, just as well as meditating and relaxing.‎
Okumè wood combined with satin-finished stainless steel ensure an excellent practical presentation and resistance while providing the system an aesthetic that guarantees structural durability over time.‎ A precious essence with unique characteristics that are warm, intense and extremely durable such as Okume, it is combined with the aesthetic appeal and resistance of stainless steel, an almost everlasting and 100% recyclable material.‎
Thanks to the versatility and adaptability of its modular elements, it can be housed within a garden or on a terrace, as well as in the outdoor space of an office, all the way up to the lounge area of a hotel.‎ From residential to commercial applications, it offers that design freedom which allows Crest to create numerous unprecedented innovative outdoor solutions.‎

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