VALCUCINE RICICLANTICA LEAD ALLUMINIUM Laminate kitchen with island with integrated handles




Laminate kitchen with island with integrated handles

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At EuroCucina 2018, the Riciclantica kitchen will showcase our new structured Lead aluminium finish that sets off the beauty of this arrangement in Touch Iron and Leather laminate.‎
To enhance its functionality, the kitchen is fitted with new Logica Theca, a special equipped back section shown here in two heights: 8 and 18 cm.‎ It consists in a storage unit with a single door which, with just one touch of the hand, opens automatically and noiselessly thanks to a brilliant mechanism based on the force of gravity.‎
The Aerius wall unit features our new, translucent-effect, smoked glass which emphasises the element’s light and airy appeal.‎


Doors and side panels: Leather laminate – new
Doors: Lead structured aluminium- new
Doors, side panels and top: Touch Iron laminate - ne w
Wall panelling: Grey laminate
New Logica System door and side panels: matt Warm Black glass
Aerius Wall Unit door: Smoked Butterfly Wing glass - new.‎

The eco-tech kitchen.‎
We have worked on extreme door dematerialisation to meet requirements in terms of functionality and silhouette.‎ Riciclantica stands for “lightness and resilience": the lightest door in the world fits into an aluminium structure that is water-, steam- and heat-resistant.‎
This makes it possible to plan kitchen layouts with wall-hung units, allowing for the utmost freedom of arrangement and movement and creating a durable and cutting-edge design.‎
Due to the remarkable reduction of materials used, combined with the eco-tech finishes, this kitchen is sustainable yet innovative, designed for those who pay a great deal of attention to their well-being and to living in harmony with nature.‎

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Riciclantica Collection by VALCUCINE
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