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Stainless steel spoon

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V8017016 | Spoon


Stainless steel spoon


Stainless Steel

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Muller Van Severen has designed a set of cutlery which looks pure and functional yet uncompromisingly adapted to their signature style.‎ Every utensil consists of two parts: a shaft and a coloured metal plate on top which creates the handle.‎
Muller Van Severen, renowned for their strong colour selection, chose for blue, copper, brass and steel.‎
A cutlery set entirely in one of these colours will appear classic, when the colours are combinedm the tableware gets that typical playful Muller Van Severen feel.‎
The simpler the object appears, the harder it is to make.‎ It took us three years to stick the coloured metal plate on top of hte handle which had to be laser-welded on the inside.‎ The technique is laborious but did ensure us no visual disturbance on the outside, making this cutlery a refined set of design.‎

18/10 matt polished stainless steel.‎ The coloured layers on the handles are made of PVD-coated 18/10 matt polished stainless steel and are stuck on the shaft by three pins which are laser-welded together.‎ Dishwasher proof and suited for horeca use.‎

V8017016: Brushed stainless steel.‎
V8017016B: Brushed stainless steel, blue pvd coated.‎
V8017016C: Brushed stainless steel, copper pvd coated.‎
V8017016M: Brushed stainless steel, brass pvd coated.‎

L: 4.1 cm
H: 20.1 cm
weight: 90 g
Dimensions V8017016 | Spoon

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