Valle d'Itria TREND LINE 2 layers parquet

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TREND LINE By Valle d'Itria


2 layers parquet

TREND LINE is a multi-layer parquet elements; primarily made of two layers glued together (PVAC glue)
- top layer - made of solid wood lamellas
- bottom layer – made of birch plywood

- total thickness: 12mm; 14 mm
- top layer thickness: 4 mm (3,8 – 4,0 mm)
- bottom layer thickness: 8 mm in 12 mm total product thickness; 10 mm
- width: 120 mm, 140 mm, 160 mm, 180 mm;
length: 700 - 2200 mm

Wood is a natural material differing in texture, grain and colour - so each and every piece is different.‎ It is, therefore impossible to find two identical pieces.‎ Due to this, no purchased product can have exactly the same appearance as the samples eventually seen while purchasing the product.‎ Wood also experiences subtle colour changes as it ages.‎ This is a natural process and cannot be prevented.‎
It is a unique material which reacts to environment changes of temperature and air moisture content.‎ These changes reflect in warping and swelling of wood.‎ All wooden products should therefore be kept in a dry place at app.‎ 18-22 ˚C temperature and 45 – 60% air moisture content.‎

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Further details
Dimensional characteristics and limit deviations allowed:
According to norm EN 13489.
According to norm EN 13489 – Free class.
Natural wood colour variations.
Factory applied surface coating
– UV cured acryl-based varnish; solvent-free; three base coats and two finishingcoats; 120 g/m2; 10/20/45 Gloss available
– natural oils; solvent-free; 80 g/m2
Moisture content:
According to norm EN 13489 – moisture content of the upper layer shall be between 5% and 9% at the time of the first delivery of the product.
Elements are made with tongue and groove on four sides.
To be glued down using two-component epoxy-polyurethane adhesive for installing wooden floors.

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