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The electric Niva is a dry thermal panel radiator and is therefore not filled with water.‎ VASCO uses new infrared technology to generate a comfortable, radiant heat.‎ This also guarantees that the radiator heats up very quickly.‎ An additional advantage is that the radiator is far lighter than a filled radiator and is easy to install based on a plug-and-play principle.‎
The electric Niva is controlled with a thermostat that is included as standard and is connected wirelessly by radio frequency (RF).‎ Besides this thermostat version, there is also a version with E-Volve Wi-Fi control (version and control unit can be ordered separately).‎ This allows you to control your electric radiator with the VASCO Climate Control app and your Wi-Fi network.‎ The compact Wi-Fi module uses Bluetooth to communicate with a small temperature sensor that is located in the same room.‎ There is also a third version, which allows you to control the radiator with your home automation system.‎
The upgraded electric Niva also allows you to control and limit the radiator’s surface temperature.‎ This is a very practical feature in rooms where safety is paramount, such as nurseries.‎
Please note that the new Niva Electric (available from 01/2021) has different article numbers than the Niva N1L1-EL with E-Volve.‎

VASCO's new Niva steel radiator collection, designed by Wim Segers, is distinguished by its elegant and timeless appearance, but above all by its thermal efficiency: it emits a high degree of heat for its size.‎ The convection capacity has been improved over previous collections, generating a significant increase in overall heat output of up to 20 per cent.‎ A small Niva radiator, for example, generates high domestic comfort by using water at low temperature, heats like a larger traditional radiator, and generates great cost and space savings while respecting the environment.‎
A design interpreted as a quest for authenticity.‎ Niva's powerful architectural shaping breaks away from passing trends, fashions or styling.‎ The concealed wall attachments deceive the eye, creating a visual effect in which the radiator seems to detach itself from the wall and float in the air.‎
The collection focuses on aesthetics and ergonomics.‎ Niva has a smooth, flat surface with a sharp profile, which blends perfectly into all modern domestic environments, from the bathroom to the kitchen, from the living area to the hallways.‎

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