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VELUX Modular Skylights mark a shift in skylight evolution.‎ The entire range of fully prefabricated skylights offer all the benefits of a modular system while maintaining an elegant design and excellent energy performance.‎ VELUX Modular Skylights can be used in many building types including: offices, public buildings, educational buildings – the only limit is your imagination.‎

VELUX modular skylights are sash-frame constructed single skylights with a high-insulating glazing unit.‎ The modules are available as fixed and venting skylights.‎ All individual skylights are delivered as prefabricated modules with dedicated factory finished flashings to ensure superior watertightness in every available solution.‎
VELUX modular skylights are CE-marked in accordance with the harmonized standard EN 14351-1:2006+A1:2010 – Windows and doors.‎
In addition the skylight modules have been tested and approved in accordance to EN 12101-2:2003 - Smoke and heat control systems.‎

CE marked VELUX modular skylights can be used in any building where the national, local and individual building requirements allow the use of skylight modules.‎ Given the aesthetics and advanced performance of the products, VELUX modular skylights are commonly used in heated buildings and primarily in projects that support light commercial interests, e.‎g.‎ hospitals, schools, shopping centres, offices, museums etc.‎ However all buildings that have a suitable structure, and which are large enough to host an installation, will support VELUX modular skylights.‎

VELUX modular skylights are available as fixed and venting modules.‎
Due to a hidden chain actuator, the fixed and venting skylight modules appear to be visually identical in closed position.‎ Venting modules are top-hung and can be used for comfort ventilation, and in addition, a number of sizes are also approved for smoke ventilation according to NSHEV – EN 12101-2:2003.‎

VELUX modular skylights can be combined in a number of configurations creating perfect solutions for a wide variety of building types, from narrow corridors and internal courts to studios and large circulation spaces.‎ Each solution is delivered with a special designed, prefabricated flashing ensuring perfect system fit and 100% water tightness.‎

- HFC Fixed skylight module.‎
- HVC Motorized comfort venting skylight module.‎ Opening up to 410 mm.‎
- HVC Motorized smoke venting skylight module.‎ Opening up to 700 mm in less than 60 seconds.‎

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Further details
The benefits:

- Full functionality.
- Perfect system fit.
- Easy installation.

Intelligent Design:
- Slim profiles and a flush exterior provide an elegant appearance.
- Chain actuator for venting modules are fully concealed.
- Internal blinds complete the interior with a free-floating design.
- Ultra small motor hidden inside the blinds.

Material Performance:
- New framing material ensures very low U-value.
- Complete daylight and ventilation control optimizes energy performance.
- Superior environmental profile compared to aluminium skylights

Control System:
Innovative materials that improve the energy performance of your building:

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