Verzelloni LARSEN Fabric day bed with removable cover

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LARSEN | Day bed By Verzelloni


Fabric day bed with removable cover

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The essential design of the frame together with the bridge-shaped feet in aluminium cast give dynamism and lightness to the item Larsen, while comfortable padding lends softness for an elegant result recalling the American models of the ‘60s.‎ Collection Larsen includes sofas and poufs available in different dimensions, beside sectional modules like elements, side pieces, corners, end pieces, chaise longue, dormeuse, corner dormeuse and a comfortable day bed.‎ A small armchair completes the range.‎ Comfortable lumbar cushions and cushions are available in various sizes as optional.‎ The sofas are provided as standard, with divided seat cushions and, on request, with one unique seat cushion only; while the modular units are provided whit one unique seat cushion only.‎ Sofas are delivered with divided seat cushions, while sectional modules are delivered with unique seat cushion.‎ Chaise Longue and Corner Dormeuse are available either with rectangular backrest cushions (type A) or with square backrest cushions type B (cm 60x60).‎ Fabric cover is fully removable.‎ Larsen can be equipped with tables: Argo, Blog and Jim.‎
Framework: Frame made of solid and plywood, padded with non-deformable expanded polyurethane of differentiated density, and sprung with interwoven elastic belts.‎ Cotton lining coupled with polyester fibre.‎ Bridge-shaped feet in aluminium cast bronzed painted as standard, or in polished aluminium cast upon request.‎
Cushion Padding: Seat cushions in non-deformable expanded polyurethane with differentiated density and polyester fibre.‎ Upon request, and with up charge, seat cushions with canalised feather and polyurethane insert can be provided.‎ Backrest-Cushions in teased and canalised polyester fibre with non-deformable polyurethane insert.‎ Backrest-Cushions type B (cm 60x60) –available by chaise longue and corner dormeuse only- are fully in canalised feather.‎ Optional cushions and lumbar-cushions are entirely in feather.‎ Roll cushion for Day bed is in polyurethane and polyester fibre.‎ All padding is fully lined with white fabric.‎

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Larsen Collection by Verzelloni
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