NORTH | Pendant lamp

Carbon fibre pendant lamp / floor lamp

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NORTH | Pendant lamp By Vibia


Carbon fibre pendant lamp / floor lamp


Carbon fibre

Manufacture year

Suspended from the ceiling via an almost invisible steel cable, the light is equipped with a counterweight placed on the ground that guides the electrical cable and allows the stem and the aluminum shade to be placed wherever required.‎ Carbon fibre rod structure and methacrylate diffuser.‎

LED 2700 K.‎ CRI>80
Push-button dimmer on the cable.‎
Cable with plug.‎

We free ourselves from lineal thinking and break down the design process to come up with new realities.‎ The changing seasons when the sun generates different reflections at varying angles and intensities inspired the NORTH lamp collection designed by Arik Levy for VIBIA.‎
“To wake up early in the morning before the sunrise, going to surf, sitting in the water waiting for the light to come up, then you see this very, very slow appearance of a glow of light that comes from very far away, from the sun.‎ Then that moment is special.‎”
The base and the source of the light are displaced, separated in space from one another providing unexpected lighting effects.‎ NORTH generates a uniform light with a localised character that is flexible, provided where it is needed.‎
Consisting of a traditional hanging shade suspended from an elongated carbon-fibre rod or arm which this lamp can be attached to a wall, ceiling or a mobile heavy base.‎ NORTH allows for multiple arms to be combined together arranged at different angles to provide a localised luminous effect where required.‎
“When you come into a space and you see these glows in different locations where they are not expected, they are not from the ceiling, they are not from the wall, they are not from the floor, it starts to create a different gravity into the space and if you have enough imagination then it locks into spaces where you have never been before.‎”
The collection is characterised by its LED light source, great flexibility and choice of finishes; in graphite, white, cream and matt blue.‎ These elements lend an efficient and highly interactive character that is equally appropriate for private residential, public or contract applications.‎

North Collection by Vibia
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