Vical Home VALHEY Mango and rattan armchair with integrated cushion


VALHEY By Vical Home


Mango and rattan armchair with integrated cushion

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VALHEY is a mango and rattan armchair with armrests and integrated cushion.‎

Pastel colours
Light, soft colours such as pink, mint green or sky blue invite you to relax and create fresh, cosy atmospheres.‎ These colours can be incorporated not only on walls, but also in furniture and accessories, and can be combined with neutral colours to create a balanced and bright atmosphere.‎

Natural fibres

Natural fibres such as wicker, rattan or bamboo give any space an organic and natural touch, creating warm and cosy atmospheres.‎ They can be incorporated into chairs, tables, lamps or even accessories such as baskets or cushions, and can be combined with other materials such as wood, metal or glass to create interesting contrasts.‎

Simple lines

Furniture and accessories with straight lines and simple geometric shapes give any space brightness and a sense of more space, as well as order and balance.‎ This style applies not only to furniture but also to accessories such as lamps or mirrors, and these elements can be combined with other decorative elements such as plants, fabrics or artwork to create a personal and exceptional atmosphere.‎

Natural fabrics

Natural fabrics, such as linen, cotton or silk, give any space a soft and light touch, creating fresh and bright atmospheres.‎ Natural fabrics can be incorporated in curtains, cushions, carpets or even in the upholstery of sofas and armchairs.‎

Indoor gardens

Plants and flowers bring freshness and colour to any space and create a relaxing and healthy atmosphere.‎ In addition, indoor gardens are a way of bringing nature into the home, bringing you in touch with your surroundings.‎

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64 x 64 x H 78 cm

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