Armoured door panel


Ferdinando Tedesco, Jennifer Bassani

VENTESIMOSECOLO is a collection which combines past and future and the different design disciplines.‎
The nine panels of the collection Ventesimosecolo are the expression of the instinct of the designer that, recognizing the door concept, defines the essence and the leitmotif of the overall project.‎ In this case the “haute couture” look is the leading motif of the collection, starting from the construction of the product up to the definition of its physical appearance, directing to the use of innovative materials, far from consistent expectations of a security doors, so closely linked to the concept of security.‎
The project summarizes two worlds, one linked to architecture and the other to design product, between the world of fashion and the “haute couture” world.‎ Both the disciplines are interpretation of a culture of three big decades, three epochs that are still a benchmark in the design world.‎
Thirties, Fifties, and Seventies represent the reading key and the designer’s inspiration, committed in defining, following their instinct, the feelings of each individual that can customize, making its own, the Vighi door which has chosen.‎
The proposals are nine, nine patterns that take concreteness and become a precious garment.‎ Geometries, textures and chromaticism, details that recall those which were, and still are, the styles of the three benchmark decades, creating a clear link between modernity and past.‎
From a detailed and meticulous study, the instinct of the designers knew how “to play” with the internal panel finishing by dressing up the door leaf through the predominant use of an only apparently fragile material, but in fact highly resistant, like the glass.‎
This choice has been able to recreate deep thoughts capable to capture the emotions of each individual user.‎
And it is always thanks to the glass, that the covering panels becomes synthesis of home space, space in which it is reflected.‎
The “played” glass becomes marble, becomes color, highlights the recurrent features of the three decades in the world of architecture, design and fashion.‎
The panels of this collection are perfect to be located on indoor locations (main entrance doors, or apartament doors).‎

VIGHI Security Doors’ mission has always been to produce high quality security doors, proof against burglary attempts, but also with high aesthetic profile.‎
VIGHI art and design is the brand create to gather all innovative creations, as regards functioning and aesthetic, that are designed and proposed on the market.‎
In this research program, the business know-how is shared with designers, architects, artists offering them the possibility of transferring, on Vighi’s door, innovative creative solutions.‎

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VIGHI art and design Collection by VIGHI
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