Security door with motorized opening system by smartphone


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Security door with motorized opening system by smartphone


Wood, Plate

MATIK App is a security door with motorized opening system by smartphone or key.‎

A single electronic device, the smartphone that accompanies us during the day, so we can do without keys or remote control.‎
A simple touch to unlock the door, thanks to an intuitive and user- friendly app able to control the door opening.‎
With MATIK App the opening system is controlled with an app installed on your smartphone  (iOS 8 +  -  Android 4.‎3.‎1 +) that, connected by Bluetooth with the device assembled on the leaf, it allows a keyless door opening.‎ Individual encoded system allows to all family members or service staff, the door opening through the Bluetooth technology .‎This system allows the entrance with authorized opening on preset dates or time slot, besides it allows the control on entrances and exits together with  the option to modify the entry authorization.‎ MATIK App system is powered by low-voltage batteries or by the mains.‎

Main features
- external sheet 10/10 bent on all 4 sides
- internal sheet 8/10 bent on 2 sides
- reinforcing omega n.‎ 3
- insulation materials included
- power supply n.‎ 6 batteries
- locking system with motorized motion
- Security cylinder with key to key system, with 1 temporary red key (it cannot be duplicated) and 3 blue keys with protected profile sealed in a dedicated box.‎ CODE CARD-ownership one that guarantees against unauthorized duplication of keys.‎
- SCLAK system to open the door with the smartphone
- inner side push button for enabling and disabling automatic opening and for programming
- movable deadbolts n.‎ 7
- “sicurblock” safety catch
- lock protection double lock protection plate : 20/10 steel + 20/10 manganese
- hinges n.‎ 2 - adjustable horizontally, vertically and in depth
- hinge-bolts n.‎ 5
- perimetric rubber seal on the frame and on the leaf
- “securlock” anti-drill and anti-wrench hardened steel defender for cylinder protection
- spyhole included
- drop sill with acoustic insulation seal
- “no air” system against air passage

MATIK is a range of Class 4 burglar-resistant electronic doors with motorised opening and closing systems: just close the door  to activate the deadlocks and ensure the door is completely secure.‎
The technology is extremely user-friendly.‎ It is powered by batteries or electricity, but in the event  of a power cut, the security key can be used  to open the door.‎                
MATIK single and double leaves doors, with windows, sidelight and fanlight as well, are tested Class 4 anti-burglary resistant according to EN 1627:2011 norm.‎

Further info from manufacturer on MATIK App VIGHI
790-840-890 x H 2090 mm

Matik Collection by VIGHI
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