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Security doors with restorated panels

Security doors with RESTORATED panels thanks to Vighi’s carpenters.‎
Vighi Security Doors always pays maximum attention to aesthetics of the door, the quality of materials and finishes.‎
Our carpentry department is dedicated to make solid wood panels designed to enhance the surrounding space of each installed door.‎
The front entrance door of a historical building may also undergo a process of “restoring”.‎ The carpentry craftsmen are able to restore a prestigious existing panel and apply it to our security door leaf.‎ By this way a restored and renovated panel will preserve the style of the building.‎
Vighi’s carpentry department is ready to meet all kinds of demands for panels personalization.‎ Customer can provide the door sizes along with its own personal design to be applied to the leaf, and after discussing it with Vighi experts, as a result the customer will see it on its own front door!

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