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Machine Room-Less lift

VIMEC HOMELIFT has a capacity of up to 400 kg, as well as being particularly strong and robust
Soft start/stop (at controlled speed)
These home lifts are very quiet (<60 db)
The materials and cabin lights ensure there is a sense of calm and comfort
Telescopic doors take up no space on the start or stop floors

Personal Safety

Light beams span the full height of the entrance
Communications with outside (telephone or exchange system)
Large handle (in satin finish aluminium)
Load check device
All buttons comply with EU standards (EN81-41)
Safety batteries ensure the system runs even in the event of an electrical blackout

A wide range of customised features and finishes are available
The displays are luminous and always clearly visible
The door handles and the floor push-button panels are stainless steel

Environmentally sustainable technology
Access to the cabin is by electronic key
The electrical system requires no utility room space (reduced overall dimensions)
Environmentally sustainable (provided by the company quality control systems)
State of the art technology unequalled anywhere on the market (no counterweights, electrical motor at the bottom to disperse noise and vibration into the ground)
Ease of use, while interfacing with smartphones

Vimec Home Lift is the brand line designed for those who want to add a lift for the house to their home.‎ Vimec Home lift is the customised answer to vertical mobility problems that is both environmentally sustainable and uses outstanding, and wholly Italian, technology.‎
Made with a wide degree of customisation, the Home lift is an investment that will increase the value of the home while ensuring notable levels of comfort and safety for the whole family.‎
These are tailor-made solutions where, as Vimec, we focus our attention on the details, the materials and service to assure the family that chooses us will see the value of their home enhanced and renewed year on year.‎

Vimec’s Home Lift is ideal for two or three floors, but is able to reach up to five floors, as well as being suitable for installation on the inside or the outside of the building.‎
A broad range of customisation and finishes are possible, for a silent and comfortable service.‎
Ecological: it does not use hydraulic fluid, unlike the vast majority of systems available on the market.‎
Environmentally friendly: made from over 90% recyclable materials.‎
Technological: its safety and service aspects can be remotely monitored.‎
Upgrade: the Vimec Home lift can be upgraded over time, with made-to-measure components, details, technologies and services.‎
Vimec Home lift is a long-lasting investment that will increase the value of the house, where costs can be recovered by up to 50% through the tax facilitations offered in current law.‎

Technical Data
Allows movement in the home from one floor to another with an elegant, quiet and highly comfortable system that can be made to measure, while employing quite unique technology!
Moving around in the house, from the garage to the living area and to the sleeping area, whether inside or outside the house.‎ This is an innovative vertical mobility system custom-made with unique Italian style and flair.‎
Every day dozens of people turn to Vimec to learn about the ways in which they can add value to their homes, and be able to freely and effortlessly get around any domestic environment.‎
Thousands of installations in every corner of the world: Vimec designs and manufactures home lifts for all types of uses: for the family, for people who want to make an investment for the home, elderly people and also young people who wish to make the place they live in more comfortable and more functional, while paying close attention to aesthetic appearance and eco-sustainability.‎

Further info from manufacturer on HOME LIFT Vimec

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