Vipp V1 Steel fitted kitchen


V1 | Steel kitchen By Vipp


Steel fitted kitchen

A Vipp kitchen is a modular concept.‎ There are four types of modules; island, island with seating, wall and tall modules.‎ Each module can be built with predefined units of choice.‎ The Vipp kitchen is available in three powder-coated colour variants, black, grey, and white.‎

Island module
The Vipp island module gives you versatile options for open-plan cooking.‎ It's possible to have 3-10 units on each side.‎ The island module also comes in a bar-seating version.‎

Island w.‎ seating module
Choose the Island w.‎ seating module to make room for curious cooking company.‎ This seating module provides an extra work station or legroom for a meal at the counter.‎

Wall module
A classic solution for every kitchen configuration, the Vipp wall module can be placed freely or against the wall and be composed of 1-10 units.‎

Tall module
Maximum storage space and functionality to your kitchen with the tall module.‎ It's possible to build a tall module with 1-10 units.‎

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