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Waiting rooms welcome to any public or semi-public building. Offices, train stations and airports, university departments, hospitals and medical offices; there is one in each of these places and that is why waiting rooms need to be cozy and comfortable to make everyone feel like home and chill while waiting. Visitors’ chairs are the most important furnishing element in these environments.

How to choose the perfect visitors’ chair for a waiting room

Choosing the right chair is crucial and not to go wrong it is important to take into account what the waiting room is there for, in the first place, in order to identify the most suited type of chair. Only after this primary evaluation the style can be chosen, seeking the chair that best combines style, color and material. If people are to spend a long time waiting in a specific room, it is recommended to opt for upholstered visitors chairs that more than other models resemble small armchairs. This will make the permanence more relaxing and people feel at ease.
To the same purpose, visitors’ chairs with armrests can be chosen, as they normally contribute to keep a correct posture. It goes without saying that upholstery and armrests can be combined to obtain a maximum level of comfort.
If the waiting room is small or if it is likely that a higher number of seats will be needed from time to time, stackable visitors’ chairs are the perfect option to take little space and store them away when not needed. On top of that, this kind of chair is multi-purpose and adaptable to different circumstances. They can be quickly moved and can easily be placed in a small conference or meeting room to increase the capacity. Choosing a stackable chair will also keep the space tidier.
Cantilever visitors’ chairs, on their hand, are ideal inside offices and private offices. They are an iconic model which fame was built by Marcel Breuer’s Cesca, designed in 1928. This kind of chair is available in models inspired to the past century, with a steel tubular and Vienna straw, or contemporary models made of materials such as polyurethane foam or polypropylene, in combination with steel.
Sled visitors’ chairs are a further development of cantilever chairs, as they use more or less thick steel tubular with a different final effect.
In both cases, the light shell and the almost drafted lines contribute to make the space appear larger. Swivel visitors’ chairs and visitors’ chairs with castors are perfect for office control rooms, facing the desk in order to welcome employees, clients or guests.

Materials and colors of visitors’ chairs

With relation to materials, there are plenty of options. Visitors’ chairs in plastic materials are certainly those that better fit crowded spaces and areas crossed by many people, as their cleaning and maintenance is quicker. The same goes for metal seats, typically used in waiting rooms of airports and train stations. Fabric, leather and faux leather can be more delicate and therefore better suited for less crowded spaces, although some fabric of last generation are anyhow easy to be cleaned. Hence, fabric chairs should not be excluded in advance.
Color is maybe the last thing and should be considered only once the model and materials are set. When it comes to color there are more classic options, like natural wood and neutral nuances, or it is possible to dare with a touch of imagination. Of course the final choice should look one with the decoration and style of the environment.

Visitors’ chairs beyond the office space

Some visitors’ chairs lend themselves well to the house environment too. It is the case of upholstered small armchairs, for instance, that are often available in a large array of colors, or of wood visitors’ chairs, able to fit in any context.
Professionals having their office at home can make it look professional and cozy at the same time, thanks to a wide offer of brands and models.

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