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MADRAS® PIXEL By Vitrealspecchi


Structural glass facade

Stepping away from the traditional technique of a printed layer of coating, Vitrealspecchi produces an innovative system called Madras® Pixel, which reproduces a complete curtain effect on glass.‎ The result is not only highly aesthetic, but also features technological performance and energy savings.‎ A special patented procedure of chemical etching creates a uniform matte surface interspersed by small transparents dots.‎ The final effect is perfectly homogeneous and from a distance might recall the more dense effect of sanded glass.‎ When installed as a partition in between two rooms with different luminosity, Madras® Pixel has a twofold function: complete opacity from the outside, blocking visual perception, and clear visual transparency from the inside.‎ During the day, privacy of work areas or rooms of the house is guaranteed.‎ At night, if the rooms are lit, the same areas will emerge from the dark with a beautiful effect.‎ It can be used structurally for fully glazed façades, for safety constructions such as parapets and balconies.‎ Technical characteristics · Standard base material: float glass to UNI EN 572-1,2: 2004; laminated float glass to UNI EN 12543: 2000.‎ · Plate size: 2250 x 3210 mm · Thickness: fino a 12 mm · All mechanical and heat processes (cutting, tempering, bending, laminating, silvering, painting, etc.‎) are supported, provided they’re compatible with the base glass used.‎

Madras®, the first satin finished glass of the glass industry, rethinks the concept of satin finish by breaking out of the material's anonymous uniformity with dynamic mini-patterns - dots, lines, dashes -  racing across the glass.‎ The minimalist look is intentional, an unobtrusive accompaniment to the essential lines of contemporary doors and windows.‎ The base satin-finish - silky to the touch and easy to clean - emanates a beautifully soft lustre.‎ Etching is accurate.‎ Unmistakeably Madras®.‎

Madras® Geometries Collection by Vitrealspecchi
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