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PPL 2035 By Vogel's - Exhibo


Projector lift system

The PPL 2035 projector lift system is the perfect solution for the integration of a projector into a ceiling where an aesthetical solution is required.‎ Not only is the projector neatly hidden, it is also theft delaying.‎ The lifts runs silently and offers two adjustable positions: top and show.‎
This lift has been developed to be installed inside a false ceiling where very few space is available.‎ Inside the false ceiling only a minimum height of 13 cm is required to install lift and projector.‎ The motor allows a drop of 35 cm.‎
The maximum weight capacity of the projector lift is 15 kg.‎
The PPL 2035 is supplied with extendable side brackets in order to position the ceiling tile exactly in the ceiling tile grid.‎ The lift is equipped with two safety screws that prevent the lift to extent further to the preset end stop.‎
This lift is also available as a 120 V, 60 Hz version.‎

Vogel’s PPL projector lift systems
The PPL ceiling lift systems are the perfect solution for integrating projectors into ceilings in board rooms, home cinemas, auditoriums and conference halls.‎ Not only is the projector neatly hidden, it is also theft delaying.‎
The lifts run whisper quiet and offer two very easy and accurate adjustable positions: top and show.‎ Having an adjustable top position has the advantage that the ceiling finishing kit can be perfectly aligned.‎ And in some cases it is not needed to create a construction
to fill up the internal spacing between structural and false ceiling.‎ The movement of the PPL lift systems is done by a very reliable, accurate motor that moves the lift with an accuracy of less than one millimeter.‎

PPL projector lift systems Collection by Vogel's - Exhibo
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