Volteco AQUASCUD 500

Liquid waterproofing membrane

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Liquid waterproofing membrane

Available in the two versions 420 and 430, this is a patented solution for completely waterproofing, without demolition, terraces, sunroofs and all flat, even paved surfaces.‎ It is a waterproof shield against all causes of infiltration.‎ Quick, practical and extremely elastic, it provides a low cost, easy and definitive solution.‎ The system is completed by Aquascud Basic, an elastic water repellent membrane, and Aquascud Join, an elastic staff bead.‎

Where to use it
Terraces, balconies and flat roofs, even when paved

Easy to install and use
Applicable to existing pavement
Short application times
High adherence and deformability on all substrates
Definitive solution, just 3 mm thick
Low environmental impact
Excellent protection of the screen from freeze/thaw cycles
No inconvenience due to dust and fragments
No scrapping or demolition required

AQUASCUD 500 is a silane modified polymer-based waterproof coating paste, solvent-free, ready foruse and cold-applicable.‎
It hardens by reacting with the ambient humidity creating an elastic elastomer membrane with excellent mechanical performance.‎
The coating is semi-glossy light grey with the possibility of obtaining a smooth or non-slip finish if combined with the specific GRIPPER filler.‎

Where to use it
Walk-on finish of Volteco waterproofing, in combination with AQUASCUD BASIC membraneon screed and flooring in general such as balconies, terraces, pedestrian walkways, sidewalks, stairways etc.‎ .‎ .‎

Excellent walkability with possibility of non-slip finish
High elasticity and capacity to bridge cracks in the surface
Total adhesion to base
Easy and fast application, self-levelling
Also applicable to damp substrates
Quick curing, regardless of rain, in 4 hours, also in conditions of high ambient humidity
Excellent resistance to UV radiation
Possibility of using it as a finish in place of tiles

Further info from manufacturer on AQUASCUD 500

AQUASCUD System Collection by Volteco
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