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FAZ | Low garden vase By VONDOM




Polypropylene garden vase

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The family Faz continues growing; VONDOM presents to the society the new Butaca Ligera, Mesa 90, Silla, Silla Apilable.‎ Maceta Hogar and Maceta Nano.‎ Faz is a collection of modulate furniture and flowerpots designed by the genial architect Ramón Esteve for VONDOM.‎ The Butaca Ligera is faithful to the collection Faz, a piece seems being cut from a mineral for obtain natural and elegant shape to be integrated perfectly into the vanguard architecture.‎ Its appropriate size does not subtract at all the comfort due to their ergonomic shape and thus becomes an ideal seat so much for terraces as for dining room.‎ The Butaca Ligera is manufactured in resin of polypropylene by means of the rotational molding technique and available in a great variety of finished and color.‎ The Mesa 90 initiates the incursion of VONDOM in metallic materials.‎ Mesa 90 is an elegant table with base in lacquer metal rod and the surface in material HPL (High pressure laminate).‎ The Mesa 90 is light without becoming separated from the architectural shapes of the rest of the collection.‎ The surface is manufactured by material HPL that is light and strong thanks to the peripheral bevel that lightens the strong panel.‎ As all the collection Faz, the new models are completely suitable for their use in outdoor since they are highly resistant to the solar rays, to the rain and to the extreme temperatures.‎

Faz is a modular collection of outdoor furniture and planters designed by Ramón Esteve for Vondom.‎ He is the architect of harmony, serenity, timelessness and universality, and he has created mineral and emphatic shapes that make Faz a design that contextualizes with homes and installations.‎ An ambience, encircling as a result of the blissful combination of the material and lighting, so that the sole sensation would be its fusion.‎

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Faz Collection by VONDOM
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