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Carpeting with geometric shapes


Synthetic fibre

Acoustic carpet tiles Vorwerk
Highest durability with the best acoustic values
The acoustic tiles from Vorwerk are truly unique.‎ They combine characteristics in a way never seen before on the market: highest durability with the best acoustic values, absolute sustainability without harmful materialssuch as bitumen or PVC.‎ They are setting new standards – also when it comes to more beautiful designs and better use.‎ For this reason, Vorwerk is offering a new, exciting online tool that explains the millions of possibilities in a way that is easy to understand and offers customers a lot of room for creativity.‎

Optics.‎ Haptics.‎ Acoustics.‎ The new sonic carpet tile line-up by Vorwerk flooring
The new range of acoustic carpet tiles from Vorwerk flooring offers the highest standard of modularity: 10 new SL SONIC carpet tiles including 4 standard formats and 6 exciting and novel freeform designs.‎
Thanks to their modular construction, it is possible to combine very different carpet surfaces with one another and thus realise completely new interior design ideas: subtle accents, purposeful zoning or textile floor mosaics with a character that is a true highlight.‎

The acoustic tiles from Vorwerk flooring.‎ For quieter, healthier and better rooms
While commercial carpets improve the so-called impact noise level by about 25 dB, acoustic tiles from Vorwerk exceed this – and even fall within the highest durability class.‎ With a reduction of both the impact noise and the reverberation time by up to 35 dB and the best noise absorption values (αw of up to 0.‎ 35) in the essential frequency area of 1,000 to 4,000 Hertz.‎ Allergy sufferers can also take a deep breath, as the highly effective binding of fine dust particles by these acoustic tiles supports clear air quality.‎

The acoustic tiles from Vorwerk.‎ Acoustically good and, other than that, better
Textile floorings in commercial building spaces have never been so beautiful AND durable, so highly functional AND room climate friendly, so acoustically damping AND extremely resistant.‎ This is where the tile line-up from Vorwerk opens up a whole new world.‎ It provides advantages without any disadvantages and shines with millions of possibilities for design, along with soothing acoustic and room climate values, as well as the most extreme use characteristics – without disturbing emissions, without bitumen and PVC.‎

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