Swivel armchair with 4-spoke base


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D1 LOW By Wagner




Swivel armchair with 4-spoke base


Mesh fabric


Form and function were packed into one unique design for the D1 low.‎ The result is an iconic chair with a revolutionary mechanism that conveys a completely new seating experience.‎ The Dondola® 4D technology enables movement of the top part of the chair in four axes during sitting, therefore always following the natural movements of the person sitting.‎ This technical new principle leads to a larger movement radius and thus to a new kind of dynamic sitting.‎

If you sit a lot, you need a lot of exercise.‎ So far the theory.‎ In practice, there is often too little time to compensate for the rigid posture at the desk.‎ The design can make a significant contribution to the well-being in the workplace, shows Wagner Living.‎  The D1 by Stefan Diez is the logical further development of the three-dimensionally movable Dondola seat joint and incorporates it into the complete design vocabulary of the chair family.‎ From the swivel chair to the lounge chair to the standing aid, she combines a unified product language.‎ Thanks to the new type of storage, a new level of sitting was created: Regardless of the seat, the back gets a pleasant freedom of movement.‎ In addition, the lateral action radius increases at the desk.‎ The unfamiliar flexibility enables a new sitting experience, Wagner Living speaks of a "sitting in the 4th dimension".‎

Moritz Wagner invented the tavern chair in 1949 - a simple and extremely sturdy wooden classic.‎ The function of the chair to support the well-being of the occupant, be it in living rooms or in the catering trade, was an important aspect of development right from the start.‎ Today the brothers Peter and Rainer Wagner lead the Wagner brand into the future.‎ With the further development of the three-dimensionally movable Dondola seat joint, Wagner Living has set a decisive milestone in its history.‎  

The D1 Office Chair and D1 Low Chair by Stefan Diez is the logical further development of the 3-dimensionally movable Dondola® seat joint and takes this into the complete design language of the chair family.‎ The new type of storage created a further dimension of sitting, so that today we can already speak of seats in the 4th dimension.‎ "With our vision of the chair that moves the world, we turned to Stefan Diez and found in him a designer who understood from the beginning that the development of the D1 chair family was about much more than just design The central approach is "well-being", which only arises for WAGNER when design and movement are in harmony, "says Peter Wagner, responsible for Product and Marketing.‎ D1 Office Chair and D1 Low Chair - designed by Diez.‎  

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D1 Collection by Wagner
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