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Walk-in wardrobes

The walk-in closet is a furnishing system capable of creating an environment specifically designed for all clothing and accessories in the house. It is the room where clothes, shoes, bags, belts, scarves and any other type of accessory can be neatly stored but it is also the place where we can have fun trying on any garment as if we were in a boutique but with the advantage of being in your own bedroom. When space permits, a walk-in closet tailored to your needs is the ideal solution, because it allows you to organize the interior space in a rational way, increasing accessibility. Walk-in closets have the power to create a space in which everything can be placed in its own precise, appropriate and specially designed place. Everything you need is always there ready to be chosen, tested and used, always in absolute order because every single piece of furniture and space is designed to accommodate every single object. The walk-in closet is therefore like a small kingdom created specifically for clothes and clothes a kingdom that almost seems a magical place out of time.

One walk-in closet for all sizes

In the common imagination, walk-in closets are suitable for almost exclusive use in large houses or apartments to which an entire room is dedicated. However, this is not always the case: modular walk-in closets are the perfect solution in the case of small rooms where everything must be studied in detail with space-saving solutions, making the walk-in closet no longer a dream but a piece of furniture within everyone's reach. The models available on the market are many and allow you to create constructive solutions that allow the creation of a walk-in closet able to give its contribution even in small corners of the sleeping area. You can create your own custom-made walk-in closet making the most of the space available and responding perfectly to the personal needs of the user using structures with practical doors or special wardrobes with exposed shelves. The wardrobes with doors are perfect for those who prefer a greater order inside their walk-in closet and do not need an immediate view of their clothes. The visible solutions, however, were created to create walk-in closets that give the feeling of a luxury boutique and that give the opportunity to make immediately visible the right dress at first glance. The female world loves walk-in closets of this type for the view that clothes and accessories can create: a treasure chest that seems to be ready for its fashion show. The best choice to make the most of all the compartment chosen is certainly that of the corner walk-in closet with which you can take advantage of all the walls of the chosen area and not just one side containing our clothes and our accessories.

How to design a walk-in closet?

Inside a walk-in closet there must not only be a wardrobe, but also all those accessories and walls specially designed to store and contain all the clothing and accessories you want. Full-height shelves and hanging sticks mounted at easy heights allow you to comfortably manage clothes and linen, also taking advantage of the corners to place other objects. But walk-in closets are perfect not only for clothes and shoes but also for placing and storing bags: also for this case, special shelves can be designed to place them side by side, perhaps in order of color or increasing size, and allow a more immediate and direct choice of model to use. Drawer units and closed compartments can always keep their collection of shirts, polo shirts and pullovers in order and be a certain reference in which to always find what we are looking for at that precise moment. Some of the most often used bags, or work backpacks can be placed on hooks that are specially positioned to be immediately accessible. Obviously, we must not forget a shelf with a coin tray useful to facilitate the change of bags. For scarves, scarves and belts there are special rings and hooks to store all accessories in the best possible order. Men who love ties can dedicate to them a special drawer in which to roll them up with care and store them in the most personal order, or insert an electronic tie holder to bring even in this environment of ancient flavor that right touch of technology. In the perfect designer walk-in closet, don't forget the containers dedicated to jewellery for women and, why not, cufflinks for men. An essential accessory will be the mirror, which together with an armchair, a bench or a seat, will make this service compartment a true icon of style.

Furnishing elements for walk-in wardrobes

Like a treasure chest, a walk-in closet can contain more or less precious clothing and objects. However, everything must find its precise location to ensure that the space is properly managed and is not confused and disordered. An object like the valet stand is more correct than inside the walk-in closet rather than in the bedroom: in this way, the clothes used daily will always be available while always respecting the order of this space. You can certainly not miss the coat hangers and wall hooks useful to always have handy the coat or bag to use every morning. For less used clothes and objects, however, you will need boxes to be used in the less accessible areas of your walk-in closet, so as to occupy all the spaces of this environment with containers strategically placed.
Even for the shoes there is the right place in the shoe rack or on the inclined planes designed directly in the walk-in closet and perfect to keep the shoes immediately visible and ready to be chosen, the perfect solution for all lovers of shopping who, as if they were in a boutique, can try and try again their favorite shoe model or decide which dress is the most suitable for the day you are about to face. It is therefore inevitable to be the mirror without which any test and change of dress can be in vain. Finally, in the perfect walk-in closet there should also be a laundry basket, practical at the end of the day for storing dirty clothes to be stored in the washing machine.

What style should the walk-in closet have?

Refined and refined, the walk-in closet must also be chosen according to the style of furnishing of the environments that surround it in order to always be sober and elegant. There are walk-in closets in classic style that seem to be a way to bring back the mind and body in years past full of elegance, but in which the fashions of the world of furniture and clothing were no less important than today. Today, modern-style walk-in closets are preferred, in which new minimalist trends succeed in creating a practical environment with clean lines in which clothes and accessories are the absolute protagonists. The structures must therefore be brought to a minimum with the use of profiles and shelves of reduced dimensions and thicknesses.

Materials and technologies of walk-in closets

The wooden walk-in closets have always been the most popular solutions for the many possibilities of color style and technology that this material allows to obtain and develop. The wood can be chosen in a neutral colour, or it can be lacquered to best integrate into the home environment. For a timeless walk-in closet, the colour of the chosen essence will satisfy the needs of the most sought-after tastes; while for an ultra-modern walk-in closet, the choice of colour can fall on a timeless and timeless total white lacquer. The light colours give a feeling of spaciousness, and in an environment such as that of the walk-in closet this can be essential: often the walk-in closets are obtained in rooms not very large and without direct openings to natural light. In these cases, the light colours help to avoid darkening the room by giving that extra touch of depth, making the room much larger than it really is.

Walk-in wardrobes: how to choose the right lighting

Often in small and confined spaces, walk-in closets necessarily need to be thoroughly examined with regard to the use of lighting. The simplest choice is the one that falls on walk-in closets with integrated lighting, which with the insertion of LED strips inside profiles, shelves, uprights and accessories of various kinds solves the lack of natural light at best, creating a widespread type of lighting. This will make your walk-in closet the showcase of a shop in which every dress is perfectly illuminated.
In the absence of this solution, the use of adjustable spotlights will be the right compromise. But even a pendant lamp, in addition to spotlights, could find a place in the center of the walk-in closet making it extremely elegant and refined design. The right lamp, if chosen with materials that recall the structure and accessories of the walk-in closet, could really give the environment that extra touch.

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