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Walk-in wardrobes

A walk-in wardrobe is every woman’s dream. When you have enough space a walk-in wardrobe equipped with the accessories you need, is really the ideal solution because it lets you organize the space in a rational way increasing clothes’ accessibility. More, the market offers construction solutions that make it possible to build a walk-in wardrobe at affordable – normal average quality wardrobe – cost. Archiproducts offers you the most innovative solution to build the walk-in wardrobe of your dreams!

Compared to a classic wardrobe, a walk-in one lets you use all the space in height and width. You can add shelves at all heights and stick hangers at comfortable reaches. You can manage to store your clothes and linen comfortably even for thechange of season. A double stick system will let you hang dresses, shirts or blouses in the upper part and skirts and trousers in the lower part. You must set away some space for folded garments such as t-shirts, jumpers and add boxes for accessories. Don’t forget to put labels on the boxes to know what’s inside. Use some drawer partitions to put in belts, ties, or fashion jewelry and use some hooks for bags and purses or put them in drawer baskets.

Another advantage of a walk-in wardrobe is that it can become a changing room. Put a vanity table inside where you can keep your make-up, a full height mirror and complete it with the right lighting to create a space where choosing everyday’s outfit is pleasant and fun. Usually, the best place where to build it is in the bedroom or in adjacent rooms like closets, under-stair closets, oversized halls. To make it of the right size, consider that you need 55 – 60 cm to organize your clothes properly and a usage space averaging between 60 and 90 cm depending on the wardrobe’s configuration. Depending on the shape and size of the cabin, you can think of several compositions. The simplest and most flexible one is the linear organization. You can easily build one in rectangular spaces but you need to have a 120 cm width to ensure a frontal usage space of 60 cm. In the wall-wide solutions you can think of dividing the space in two to organize the space better and avoid hindering when you have to dress. In square spaces you can choose a “C” shape configuration with shelves on three sides while keeping a central space of 90 cm or a two opposite side configuration for shallower cabins. A 150 cm width and a 200 cm length would allow for a double user configuration. You can also think of a “L” shape configuration using one corner of the room but you must use the space carefully.

The aesthetics of a walk-in wardrobe is all about the doors. You can use the classic swing doors that shouldn’t be too wide, or you can choose foldable doors that slide on a rail. Don’t forget the door finishing! If you aren’t obsessed with tidyness avoid extra-clear glass and choose opaque or printed glass. Or you can also choose a flushed closing panel with its cover matching the colors of the room. ... More ... less
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