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129 Wall cabinets

A wall cabinet is a piece of furniture that is hung on the wall and suspended above the floor. This is very useful when you have little floor space or when you want to optimize space on the kitchen top, to keep spices and herbs or in the bathroom to put away stuff you don’t want near the children.
Wall cabinets were designed and made to recover space but they’ve evolved and have become real pieces of furniture.

A wall cabinet with doors is very useful when you want objects in it to be invisible while an open wall cabinet is like a modular box cabinet with no doors where you can put books, frames, vases and other stuff.

Extremely modular, wall cabinets can be thought as isolated elements or as parts of a combination. Their modularity makes it possible to create more structured and complex sets. You might fill up a whole wall with these modular suspended cabinets. Such a combination has only slight differences with a wall unit and still it has its own appeal.

Forms, materials, colors… you can personalize a wall cabinet indefinitely! Let yourself be guided by the style of your furniture, try to place it harmoniously into your room. Choose wood and classic forms for a more elegant and glamorous style; choose innovative materials and forms for your contemporary style wall cabinet! ... More ... less


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