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Wall covering

In order to best define a project of interior design, be it in the contract or residential sector, it is necessary to evaluate solutions that are efficient both on the aesthetic and functional level. Like in the case of floors, for vertical surfaces too there are solutions that suit all tastes and needs. From the classic stone coverings or ceramic to the valuable mosaics, from the new three-dimensional elements to wallpapers, browse the catalog and find the best solution for your furnishing project. Choose whether to opt for vertical surfaces that are a continuum of the horizontal ones, also creating fascinating all-over effects, or for utterly different materials that put together give form to interesting combinations.

Materials for internal coverings

Covering materials are plenty and allow, has already put in evidence, to give shape to the most diverse configurations in combination or contrast with the floor. Differently from horizontal surfaces, however, vertical ones allow in a certain sense more freedom of design. Since surfaces could have limited square meters and that there is no need to evaluate their use and foot traffic it will be possible to also take into account those materials that may have been excluded as a flooring solution being more delicate or expensive. If you are looking for a more resistant solution, that is for instance also suitable to be applied in the bathroom or kitchen, you can opt for porcelain stoneware, that today opens up to an infinite array of decorative effects. Like in the case of floors it is possible to choose for tiles of different sizes and even large slabs, mosaics, that add vibrancy to the surface thanks to the combination of small tiles in diverse colors or color intensity. An always fashionable solution to decorate the walls is represented by wallpaper, currently available in a host of materials, also washable, such as vinyl, PVC, nylon and cellulose, while a solution that has been recently revisited in a contemporary mood is represented by boiseries. Normally in wood, they are today made of different materials and decorative effects that adapt well to classic interiors or inspired to the past, as well as projects characterized by minimal and contemporary decorations.

Aesthetic and functional performances: more covering solutions

If you like the effect of the boiserie, you can consider installing panels or decorative laminated wood, apt to be more easily changed through time, if the space requires is – as it can be the case in the contract sector. Other solutions are represented by three-dimensional covering, conceived for the contarct sector, but also suitable to residential contexts in order to get unusual effects. They can be installed on internal as well as external doors and offer a wide variety of textures, forms and materials combinations that draw inspiration from the most contemporary trends. Wall fabric coverings are a traditional solution that has been able to innovate though the decades. Like three-dimensional coverings their installation is especially tailored to the contract sector, but you can consider inserting such materials in order to define specific and limiter area in your house, such as the wall behind the bed or the TV. In order to decorate or revamp an interior with solutions that do not require massive works, it is possible to opt for stickers and door panels, able to guarantee a high level of customization.

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