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Tropical wallpaper

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Tropical wallpaper


Vinyl, Nonwoven


A range of graphic wallpapers exploring the distinctive themes of Wall&decò through new shape and colour proposals: an area of taste constantly being renewed and an aesthetic
code characterised by strong and recognizable features.
The charm and mystery of the animal world, unaltered source of vital energy, travel through time and space among contemporary graffiti and kaleidoscopic images.
Original patterns create tale landscapes - the sky strips off its characteristics and takes up new wefts welcoming flying enchanted birds, journeys towards the Rising Sun, dragonflies
in Art Deco style.
West Coast suggestions distinguished by the lightness of shapes: ferns and palm branches of fluent colours matched to material content surfaces and contemporary design. The Leitmotiv: not solid leaves but fishbone wefts that allow reading the underlying texture.
The flowers: solid, shiny and bright colours alternate to palettes of soft tones. Neat and defined, as well as vague and suspended shapes. Sizes make the difference: numerous small flowers or, on the contrary, extravagant flowers that take over the walls, interpreting the new city jungle.
All of this is shape: the prestigious capitonné padding that replaces fabric with cement, the concentric curves evoking the section of a mineral or pencil dashed lines that create the
illusion of a deletable wall.
Shapes transformed by time: a fantasy duel between surfaces and the years going by, where sometimes the original shape dominates beyond the patina of age, conferring an evanescent and softened look to contours and lines.
Last but not least, pure geometries and 3D white and black illusions that evoke the Optical Art, but with an extra touch - the material content of the background.
Classical iconography as source of inspiration for contemporary wallpaper graphics.
The walls are no longer the background but the wings of an imaginary stage where real or illusive female figures of strong character move fluently: Juno alternates to newly created geishas, fusion between the Eastern and Western world, and to ethereal dancers at the
Court of the King, original female dancing satyrs.

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Contemporary Wallpaper 2016 Collection by Wall&decò
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