Wall lamps

Light is a central element in a furnishing project and choosing the right lamp is an opportunity to express one’s taste, personality and creativity. An element of design that enrich the environment and an addition to the furniture and style, wall lamps are the perfect choice to bring a hint of exclusiveness and extravagance to any furnishing style. Most designers develop lamp models with a motivation to show the high value this element embodies in the realm of interior design furnishing as a versatile component that can vehicle messages that would not be otherwise communicated through other furnishing pieces. This is why the choice of a wall lamp is so crucial, in its power to characterize the environment where it is inserted.

Wall lamps to furnish with style

Wall lamps are veritable furnishing elements that can bring a unique and sophisticate style. Wall lights can be the absolute protagonist of a room lighting, or can complement the existing light, paired with chandeliers or floor lamps.
Wall lamps add an extra source of light perfectly integrating within a space. Styles, shapes and colors are plenty so to serve each individual need. Your walls will never look void and anonymous again thanks to wall lamps. They will rather make a statement. Because of wall lamps doubling as a lighting and a decorative element, the market offers a multitude of different models. They differ by their style, design, but also by the connection, lamp holder and the bulbs they fit with. This variety ensures that there is a perfect solution for any environment, one that reflects the furnishing style and the space-related needs. Wall grazers, for instance shed a charming light effect and are excellent to enlighten with an indirect and diffused light the entrance or the hallway. If you would rather opt for an adjustable light, wall lamps with a swing arm allow to bring light to different corners in a room by rotating the lamp body, a perfect solution to light up a reading nook in the living area, or a bedside table in the bedroom. However, wall lamps are also perfect to be used as accent lights to put precise characteristics or parts of the wall in the spotlight. This is the case, for instance of picture lights, intentionally installed to light up a painting, or of wall lamps for the bathroom that are normally placed on one side of or above the mirror.

Wall lamps: materials and light source

Material is determinant when choosing a wall lamp. From eco-friendly materials, to feel more in touch with nature and respectful towards it, to the most precious ones; from natural to high tech; from the latest trends to the more classic style. Wall lamps in opaque or satin glass are the most popular. Metal wall lights are normally made of a folded metal sheet structure that shapes minimal and ultramodern elements. Regarding the type of lighting, halogen wall lamps cast a light that is very much similar to natural light, warmer and more intense. On their hand, LED wall lights results in conspicuous power saving and quality chromatic effects. This is important when we want to reproduce more natural and faithful nuances.
Wall lamps also come in a variety of colors, including black and white chromed effect, or golden. There are also metal wall lamps with a re-used appearance, that perfectly fit in vintage or industrial furnishing styles. It is hence possible to opt for the lighting type that best matches with the space of destination, from indirect light to direct light, halogen or power-efficient. What matters for a lamp is to reflect the taste and style of the person buying it.

Wall lamps: from sconces to modern design

By tradition, this type of lamp is associated to sconces, original models that can subvert the look of a room and set evoking atmospheres. Wall lights become a furnishing element in the context of the living area and encompass from classic to modern solutions. The fusion between materials and fixtures allow to choose wall lamps that adequately fit in different contexts, thanks to their versatile design. It is therefore possible to select from classic wall lamps or modern lighting systems, inspired to rural or urban contexts, recalling the past or with a post-modern soul, with inlays and diverse shapes. These can be used to accent a specific texture on the wall paper or can make a quality alternative to abat-jour for bedside tables, if installed on the bed headboard, and are therefore great to be also used as a reading lamp.

Wall lamps: a light installation to suit all needs

Wall lamps can turn into fully-fledged lighting installations able to furnish your indoor. The design of contemporary wall lights opens up to a realm of sophisticate lamps, made up with single flexible components that create plays of light, shadows, light and volume visual effects. Fascinating plays of light are also drawn on the wall by jewel lamps, wall lamps enriched with fine copper, gold or brass finishes. Intrinsically inspired to the shapes and details of real jewels, they wash the room with glistening elegance. The light shed by your wall lamp will be with you at any time. It will welcome your friends and determine the quality of the time you spend at home. It will be the same light that will greet you in the morning and take you to bed at night. It could be a unique outstanding element in a single space or a recurring element we find in more rooms of our home. Thanks to the size and types of materials used, there is a vast array of wall lamp models to choose from. Two are the aspects that matter the most: personal tastes and the house furnishing style. Be it installed on the floor, on the wall or the ceiling, lighting should not be underestimated. It should rather be well planned and thought out. Wall lamps can actually play a protagonist role, or blend in seamlessly with the wall. Whatever th

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