Wall paper is a large format decoration, usually made on paper, vinyl or tnt, used to cover the walls of a house. This is a complement with a strong decorative power that can suit all environments and styles. It is moreover very versatile and allows to cover the whole room or just single walls. Decorating with a wallpaper means setting the style and personality of every space, evoking emotions and conferring an original touch to the house. This is a solution that today can also fit ceilings and floors and that thanks to its high resistance performances can be used in any area of the house, from the bathroom to the kitchen, from the leaving area to the bedroom.

Types and materials of wall papers

Each type of wallpaper has its own specific characteristics and modes of installation. Traditional wallpapers are made of pure cellulose and have the advantage of having brighter and deeper colors; on the other hand, in addition to being more delicate when washed, they require expert labor for installation. They can be of different weight and thickness and can have a smooth, rough or glossy surface. Vinyl wallpapers, on the other hand, are prints on a support of plastic origin, easy to wash, easy to lay, with glue on the wall, and easy to remove; They generally have a great performance with modern patterns on cold tones. Vinyl wallpaper is always made in two monolayers: a support layer and a surface layer that preserves the pattern that will decorate the wall. Cheaper models feature a paper-made support layer while in the more expensive ones this is made of non-woven fabric. The support layer is treated with a plastic material (vinyl) printable coating. They can be made with a smooth finish, embossed or even have a three-dimensional effect. Finally, non-woven wallpapers combine the advantages of both types of wallpapers, they have bright colors and well-defined designs and the installation is relatively simple for a professional wallpaper maker. This type of wallpaper is also easier to remove because it leaves no residue.

Different styles of wallpapers to enrich the house walls

Wallpapers are produced in endless patterns and designs, so to match any style-related requirement. Among the most sought-after there is contemporary wallpaper, characterized by drawings with modern colors and, with abstract or geometric patterns. If you are looking for extra liveliness and creativity, the most recommended is design wallpaper, one of the most demanded in reason of its style, print and support layer quality. Not only modern drawings are featured and represented, but also classic-inspired ones, often reproduced in a simpler, lighter and reinterpreted version. The classic wallpaper is still in vogue and still ties in with the style of our historical architecture. Such a typology is not solely tailored upon castles and palaces, but can also suit a downtown apartment or a country cottage. Country-style wallpaper ranges from English to French Provencal style, with representations of rural life. There are also floral wallpapers: floral paper patterns range from the flower garden to the tropical jungle, both realistic and freehand graphic stylizations and geometric interpretations with vibrant colors, able to add a “green” touch even to an apartment in the heart of the city.
From flowers to sea, up to pop art; wallpapers patterns are countless. One that is certainly able to add value to any environment is the everlasting striped wallpaper. The stripes on the wallpaper can be thin, wide, drawn freehand and with tiny irregularities, with bold or mild nuances. Another wallpaper that is largely used is Oriental style wallpaper. Such are coverings that draw inspiration from the fusion among different cultures, our global society is the result of. Sheer Oriental motifs colored in more current tones, Chinese stylized landscapes with a contemporary mood.
Eventually, a pretty children room cannot miss a kids wallpaper, with colors that vary from pink to blue or more colored and playful patterns.

Adapt the wallpaper to the size of your walls

Depending on the size of the wall you want to decorate, you can choose among different types of wallpapers. Very popular at the moment are for instance panoramic wallpapers. This is a covering made of standard- size rolls that once put next to one another create a large-size drawing or decoration. With this type of application you can reproduce landscapes or large prints. If you wish to be original in using your wallpaper, you can think of positioning only one stripe of the roll on a wall, or even to stick one corner of the wallpaper on the wall, to mimic a painting. The modes of applications are nowadays unlimited.

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