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WallPepper® has created several solutions to use our natural and ecological support even in difficult location such as shower stalls and kitchen, in situations where there is a need for a super abrasion resistance and from today.‎ .‎ .‎ the decoration also has the purpose to improve the acoustic comfort of the environments.‎

Bring the high quality of WallPepper® products even on walls exposed to water jets, high humidity, vapour (kitchen, bathroom, shower stall, spa, etc.‎ ).‎ Thank to the exclusive H2O system - technical rolls and two components protective - you can bring theWallPepper® images everywhere.‎

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WallPepper® H2O System: WallPepper® FiberGlass + WallSilk®CAT
The WallPeppper® H2O system is the result of a carefull technical research to bring the decorative power of the WallPepper® artworks also in areas in contact with water or with an high humidity level. The system is composed of a provided ready mixed glue, the special technical rolls WallPepper® FiberGlass in high density fiberglass and the two components poliuretanic coating WallSilk® CAT, breatheble and water resistant. This solution is recommanded for installations in shower stalls, above bath tubes, inside SPAs and in all those eviroments in direct contact with falling waters. For situations in contact with still waters, like shower stall plates or underwater we provide, also, the addictional treatment WallSilk ® K, that makes the system fully waterproof and sealed.

• WallPepper® FiberGlass The WallPepper® FiberGlass heets are easy to intall with the glue on the wall tecnique and are alredy cut to size in 90 cm wide rolls that joints perfectly with no overlapping, they are ecological, in glass textile certified fire retardant in euro class “B-s1,d0”. The fiber glass textile is highly resistant to tears and, thanks to their dimentional stability, can be used to protect the walls from cracks.
• WallSilk® CAT WallSilk® CAT is a two components, clear and extra matt resin treatment, based of modified saturated polyester. It’s suitable as finishing layer to improve the mechanic, abrasion and aggressive cleaners resistance, it also stabilize the glass fibers.
• WallSilk® K (only for under water) Il protettivo WallSilk® K coating is a two components, clear and extra glossy easy to apply with a roller or a paint brush, it has to be used before WallSilk® CAT in order to fully seal the system for underwater applications.
• WallSilk® Prime (only for under water) The WallSilk® Prime s a primer that has to be used as foundation for the WallSilk® K coating to prevent airbubbles.

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