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WallPepper® has created several solutions to use our natural and ecological support even in difficult location such as shower stalls and kitchen, in situations where there is a need for a super abrasion resistance and from today...the decoration also has the purpose to improve the acoustic comfort of the environments.

For the spaces that need to be decorated with a super resistant material, WallPepper® suggests theStrong solution: our Non-woven fabric material, with a special protective, makes the walls scratch-proof and washable with aggressive detergents.

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WallPepper® TNT is an innovative wall covering based of textile and cellulose fibers obtained, primarily, with agave leaves, it’s ecological, free from pvc, heavy metals and chlorine, certificated fire retardant in euro class “B-s1;d0”. It has no smell, it’s breathable, hypoallergenic, matt looking, soft to the touch and, due to its material features, with a strong decorative impact. WallPepper® TNT is easy to install with the glue on wall technique and, thanks to a special production technology, all the seams are virtually invisible with no need for overlapping and creates stunning full frame images. WallPepper® TNT has a good mechanic resistance and is washable with a common wet cloth or a natural sponge*. It’s dry strippable and can be removed without ruining the wall. Our printing technology uses a solvent free polymer ink in water suspension, it’s safe, eco-friendly, with a high resistance to UV decay, matt and penetrates entirely in the fibers. The features of a printing support pvc free and eco-friendly inks, makes WallPepper® TNT a safe product for human health and fulfills all the requirements for participating in the international eco-friendly evaluations of buildings, like Leed of Bream, and is conformed to the Greenduard Children and Schools, the UL, AgBB and Nordic Swan certifications and is highly recommend for decorating hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, offices and any kind of place that are meant for the stay of people.

For special situations where an extreme mechanic resistance or aggressive cleaners is needed we suggest to use our system “WallSilk® Strong”, for any question please contact our technical office.
The parts and raw materials of WallPepper® are certificated:

SPECIAL SYSTEM Collection by Wallpepper
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