Washbasins and bathroom fixtures

Bathroom fixtures and washbasins are the most relevant elements of the bathroom furniture and are subjected to an ongoing experimentation from the point of view of the style and modern reinterpretations. Bathroom fixtures are necessary in order to use this space and need to be chosen considering the model functionality and its aesthetics, next to the structural characteristics, that can depend more or less strictly on the circumstances and on where the pipes and wastes are located.

Wall-hung, floor-mounted and back to wall bathroom fixtures

The choice of bathroom fixtures and washbasins are the point of departure of bathroom furniture project. This needs to be done upon a careful evaluation of the available space.
Wall-hung bathroom fixtures are currently among the more sought after models, the perfect nexus between diverse space and style-related needs. They guarantee a pleasant aesthetic impact on the environment thanks to their typical designs due to which they do not touch the floor; their minimalist structures provide a great suspended effect.
Floor-mounted bathroom fixtures, on the other hand, make for a more classical alternative. Such elements are mounted on the floor ensuring the maximum steadiness. They feature a floor waste and their installation is extremely straightforward. A further alternative is offered by back to wall bathroom fixtures, that allow to conceal the pipes into the wall, so to take up as little space as possible and allow to clean up more easily, even the most hidden corners.

The perfect washbasin for the bathroom

The washbasin is an object of ordinary use and therefore it needs to be aesthetically pleasing but especially functional. The size should be proportionate with the size of the room. If the bathroom is large, pedestal washbasins can be an option, a traditional and at the same time low-cost solution. The pedestal supports the sink and conceals the pipes, while being attached to the wall. Its updated version is represented by freestanding washbasins, where the laying part (and hence the waste) is located on the floor. Differently from the previous solution it can be installed in the middle of the room, as it doesn’t need the support of the wall. For those who prefer having free space on the floor, wall-hung washbasins are definitely the ideal choice. In the presence of limited space, like in secondary bathrooms, it is possible to consider the installation of a handrinse basin with its limited depth and available in a broad choice of shapes and materials.

Toilets and bidets

Toilets and bidets are normally chosen in twos with coordinated shapes and sizes, so to guarantee a better aesthetic impact on the space of destination. Although floor-mounted bathroom fixtures are still very much used and manufactured by all companies in the sectors, in recent times wall-hung bathroom fixtures have proved to be the favorite choice of project developers, as they allow for a minimal spatial and virtual obstruction, conferring visual lightness to the environment. In addition, they make cleaning the bathroom fixtures and the floor much easier, what makes them an ideal choice also from a practical point of view. Noticeably, in wall-hung bathroom fixtures the waste connections are located on the wall. In the presence of a floor waste that cannot be moved, as it is frequent in partial renovation works, choosing for floor-mounted fixtures is not the only option. Back to wall bathroom fixtures have enlarged their offer, and they feature a floor installation allowing to hide away the pipes, thanks to their body perfectly adhering to the wall.

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