Washing machines

The washing machine has become an essential household appliance in any house and having one with specific characteristics is more than important. We are talking about a machine that can soak, wash and clean clothes, removing stains and dirt. It is necessary in order to do the laundry in an impeccable way, in a short time and without any effort. A valuable ally in every-day -life, the ideal washing machine needs to have a number of properties that can perfectly match our daily needs. But how can we choose the one that really suits us? Indeed there are a multitude of models and it is not always easy to get oriented. Such an appliance has been reinterpreted in a modern variant, offering innovative models that efficiently combine functionality and aesthetics. Being a quite significant purchase from the economical point of view, it is necessary to carefully evaluate a series of key factors that help making a wise choice that enables us to make use of the appliance for a long time.

Which washing machine to choose?

If you are looking for a washing machine, even before finding the best brand, it is fundamental to figure out where to orient your choice. For instance, is it better a front loading machine or one that is loaded from above? Besides the shape and volume, are there any differences from the point of view of the efficiency and washing? The answer is yes. A front loading washing machine is the best option for what relates to energy-consumption, as it uses a lower quantity of water at each load. Moreover, such models can easily manage large size and bulky items such as duvets and blankets. Before buying a washing machine it is better to understand how much space can the appliance take. This would be a good base in order to figure out what typology of washing machine it is better to buy. The classic front loading washing machines with the central porthole where to load the laundry can be standard, that is to say being 60cm wide, or slim, with a depth of 45cm and therefore of a smaller size for those who have to deal with space challenges and where to position a furniture piece in a tiny space.

Built-in and free-standing washing machines

The design of a washing machine is a core factor and depends on the space where the appliance will be positioned. A modern washing machine can feature diverse sizes, functions and even shapes, ranging from the most rounded to the most squared. They can equally suit a service room that is uniquely dedicated to the laundry and the bathroom laundry. Built-in washing machines are among the most sought-after since they allow saving space, especially in tiny spaces. The version that has been gaining increasing success in recent years is that of free-standing washing machines, as they offer great freedom at home, being apt to be positioned basically anywhere, without having to fit into a piece of furniture and without eating up space n the kitchen or the bathroom. If before most part of the household appliances where built-in, and especially fridges and washing machines, today there are a variety of free-standing options that stand out fr the researched aesthetics, colors and diverse finishes, so much so that choosing for an appliance of this kind has become a real choice of design. Free-standing washing machines are of various size and offer many advantages. If you have little space at home, for instance, it is possible to make use of niches, corridors and other areas that would stay unused otherwise. Another big strength point is represented from the possibility of positioning them basically anywhere, for instance on the terrace or in the basement, without taking up precious space to the kitchen or in the bathroom, where they could become an obstacle. If the priority is to have an appliance that takes up little space, a slim size washing machine is with no doubt the best choice. On the other hand, if you would like to add some beauty and design, you can opt for a model with contemporary, up-to-date and almost futuristic lines, the best to be integrated in a house with an ultra-modern furnishing.

The best washing machine for all needs

Before buying such an important appliance it is advisable to figure out what are our needs and the functionalities we need so that we reach the point where we get the most complete product for us. If you have a large family, for instance, and do several laundries during the week, it is advisable to consider the purchase of a class A+++ washing machine or in any case of a very efficient energetic class. Another criteria to base your choice on could certainly be the loading capacity. Indeed it is always worthy to buy a washing machine in metal with a load that corresponds to the number of laundries you do in a week. A washing machine with a load a capacity of10,5 kg is definitely more suitable for those who have many clothes to be washed, while a washing machine of 8kg could make for a good compromise. If you have little space to hang the wash, live on your own or do not use this appliance that much, you could definitely consider a “smaller” appliance, such as a washing machine with a 7 kg capacity. Another parameter to be evaluated is represented by the number of offered washing programs. The basic programs are the pre-washing, the centrifuge, the rinsing, synthetics, colored, wool, delicate and resistant fabrics. Some washing machines also allow to perform a quick washing cycle, eco-washing and other programs that are specifically recommended for other types of fabrics. The centrifuge is a very important functionality of the washing machine on which it is worthy to pay extra attention. It is advisable to consider that the centrifuge speed allows the laundry to dry more or less quickly. The majority of modern washing machines vary the speed of the centrifuge according to the selected washing program and also allow to set it manually.

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