Washing machines

There are household objects that have changed our daily habits, improving our quality of life. Among these objects there’s the washing machine! If you have to replace your old appliance or you simply want to buy a new one, you need to know which one to choose. Choosing the right model is essential because of the money you’re investing and because you have to make sure your machine is handling your clothes appropriately. Let’s have a look at the main features so you can choose the right model.
Standard sizes are 60x85x60cm but there are other sizes to fit into whichever space. So the first thing to do is to know where you’re going to put it and how much space you’ve got. You can choose a standard size one or a super slim one.

Is a top loading washing machine better than a front loading washing machine? The answer depends on you! Remember that a frontal load model has a convenient porthole in the front and its top can be used as a countertop and, with the right coupling device, you can put a tumble dryer on top of it. The top load washing machine is convenient because you don’t have to bend to load/unload it and you can pause the program to add other clothes because water won’t come out.

Let’s have a look now at the loading capacity. This depends on the number of people in your family. A 5-6 kg capacity is enough for a family of 4-5. There are also automated consumption adjustment models available on the market so in this case you can opt for a model with a higher loading capacity because the appliance will adjust its consumption to the weight of the loaded clothes.

Another factor to take into account is the energy efficiency label. Everyone knows that the best class is class A (with sub-classes A+++, A­­++, A+) but keep in mind that great part of the consumption comes from water heating. So when you can, choose 40°C or lower washing programs.

You can choose your ideal washing machine based on which program it offers. Washing programs are many and they vary among producers and models. Make sure that your favorite ones are there. Let’s have a look at some particular programs: ”hand-wash” program simulates washing by hand delicate action thus protecting your clothes. ”Babycare” program program will rinse with more water your baby’s clothes so to eliminate whatever trace of soap to avoid allergies.

Take noise into account. Choose a model that will grant you silence (for example, induction motor models). If noisy and in a small room, the washing machine will disturb you. ... More ... less

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