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Office workstation for open space


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Office workstation for open space

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basic flow is a shelf system which can be used as a room divider to create spaces and storage areas and that also serves as a visual and acoustic.‎

The core of the system is the unique blinds principle.‎ Observers can see a full front made of felt fabric without a perceptible louvre structure.‎ These felt louvre blinds mould naturally to the straight and curved structure of the shelf elements.‎ The blinds slide in front of the carcass and can be pushed across several shelf elements at the same time.‎ This creates an alternating structure of transparent views and closed fronts.‎

Flexible rooms can be designed that are suitable for a wide range of office activities - as a service area or communication island, as a privacy area for concentrated work and also naturally as a central storage area or library.‎

basic flow - Focus is a combination of open shelves and table elements, the “workstations”.‎ Sliders with a height of three or four files partially close off the shelves, creating quiet areas where people can concentrate.‎ The mobility of the sliders also enables users to partially open spaces to the general area for visual transparency.‎

Lockable boxes can be integrated into the straight shelves that provide storage space for private use.‎ The boxes enable users to partially close the open shelf structures and can be used at the same time to make a design statement.‎

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