werner works R-MODUL | Office workstation

Office workstation for open space

  • Design by Büro Staubach
  • Collection basic C

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R-MODUL | Office workstation


Office workstation for open space

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With the modular construction system basic C, one can design flexible workplaces and reception solutions matching with any room situation.‎ A simple and effective combination of elements enables an unlimited diversity.‎ This allows linear, angled, alternate and even stackable solutions that can be reconfigured by rapid mounting and demounting at any time.‎ With basic C new spaces providing functional utilisation can be achieved: in combination with additional worktops or by the perfect integration of our cupboard system basic S.‎

Modern office concepts offer staff varied zones for different activities.‎ In addition to classic workstations, an increasing number of areas are created for different office tasks, service zones, communication and central storage.‎ With the R-Module room modules of the basic C range, werner works supplies different components for the creation of contemporary office concepts.‎

With a vertical connection system, the side elements of basic C can be stacked.‎ The resulting space can be equipped with worktops for working in a seated or standing position, mounted cabinets, cloakroom rails or kitchen fittings.‎

basic C Collection by werner works
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