ZALABA Design LOVE Rectangular steel and marble dining table


LOVE | Table By ZALABA Design


Rectangular steel and marble dining table

Love is a dining table with steel structure and marble, wooden or glass top.‎ 

The pieces of the Aisuu Collection are minimal and as light as air.‎  Main source of inspiration was Otto Kolb’s prototype from 1950, which was sufficiently eye-catching and therefore featured in an early Playboy Magazine.‎

Aisuu Collection chairs fit beautifully into retail and hospitality spaces, hence they inevitably become the focal point of any scene.‎ Moreover, pure modern geometric design characterizes the work of Ginger Zalaba.‎ In her perception good design is a sculptural interpretation of functionality.‎ Combining minimalism with materialism resulted in new and original forms.‎

Hand-crafted in Italy, Zalaba’s pieces have range of different leather colors and steel finishings.‎
The Aisuu collection is my contribution to Nordic Design.‎ I mixed it with New Bauhaus to emphasize my love affair with steel and leather.‎ Combining function, form and materials in its simplest, most beautiful way.‎ As a result the collection is sleek, sexy and will flood your space with joy.‎”   – Ginger Zalaba

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W 62.9” / 160 cm
L 31.4” / 80 cm
H 29.5” / 75 cm

Love Collection by ZALABA Design
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