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Porcelain dinner plate

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STONE | Dinner plate


Porcelain dinner plate




STONE - Tableware lids are generally flat surfaced, so by creating three-dimensional shaped lids for this collection, they are becoming an inherent part of the overall function, appeared as if they are stones laying on top of the different cups and dishes.‎ An iron kettle and a teapot for Chinese tea, both with lid made of hollow silicone perforated on one side, enable it to function a a tea strainer.‎ By incorporating a similar lid for a glass water jug, it can be used for cold brewing tea.‎ The lids are made of silicone; they have a very low thermal conductivity, and also prevent unpleasent "clatter" sounds when placed on a table.‎ Similar stone designs were also incorporated in square, round and long plates.‎ The square and long plates appear to have partially sunken because of the weight of the accompanying stone.‎ These stones may also function as small pots and can be used as sauce dishes.‎ The stone in the round plate is sunken into the center; sauce poured inside may cover parts of the plate emphasizing the stone by making it seems as if it is floating in the middle.‎ The tea and coffee sets of this collection are all designed to be stackable, making it easier to carry all at once while giving the set an appearance of a pile of stone, blurring the borders between the living room and the outdoors.‎

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- A5500698/9-A: Φ275 x 15 mm
- A5500700/1-A: Φ180 x 15 mm
- A5500702/3-A: Φ140 x 15 mm

Stone Collection by ZENS Lifestyle
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