Zieher STAR | Decanter

Borosilicate glass decanter

  • Design by Silvio Nitzsche

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STAR | Decanter


Borosilicate glass decanter


Borosilicate glass

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UNIQUENESS IN PRACTICE!  Many decanters provide a fast but completely unbalanced development of wines because the wines develop only by a macro-oxidation on the surface.‎ It’s more balanced and harmonic to implement the necessary oxygen in a very soft and gentle way.‎ The fliigree rays of the centric star animate the served wine to a very soft enhancement.‎ During the slewing the oxygen is mildly folded in and integrated into the wine.‎ Thus the wine starts to develop on its own terms and not – as with other decanters – just on the surface.‎

By using borosilicate glass as raw material for this decanter, which stands out by its extremely smooth surface, another highly pleasant effct is created: the aromatic molecules are not expelled from the wine but allowed to present themselves completely in the wine glass.‎ The aerated wine becomes extremely balanced, carefully crafted and centered.‎ An additional value which is simply priceless!

The decanter Star synergizes the aesthetics of a unique copy with the functionality of a professional tool for vinophile pleasure.‎ Based on products by glassblower Detlef Greiner-Perth and presented by Silvio Nitzsche Star is possibly the most fascinating wine carafe in a long time due to its exceptional design.‎

The individual star raises each carafe to a unique piece.‎ This artfully created centerpiece becomes a unique element in an excessively complex multi-stage process.‎ This is pure luxury in our uniform world because not a single star is of the same kind.‎ Due to its reduced size the small decanter is particularly suitable for the decantation of open wines or small bottles.‎ The ideal charge to provide a maximum of oxygen is 0.‎ 375 ltr.‎

Also for the staging of innovative high-end cocktails, flavoured spirits to the point of exotic juices this unique product is the perfect solution.‎

D. 11,5 x H. 24 cm (ca. 0,7L)

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