ZUCCHETTI CLOSER | Countertop washbasin mixer

Countertop 1 hole chromed brass washbasin mixer

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CLOSER | Countertop washbasin mixer


Countertop 1 hole chromed brass washbasin mixer


Chromed brass

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The Closer showerhead, launched in 2014, won a number of awards and soon became one of the company’s most popular iconic products thanks to its ability to combine creativity, innovation and technology.‎ The Closer family has now been expanded with a new line of mixers.‎

According to the designer, "The idea of freedom embodied by the Closer showerhead is also expressed in the Closer tap collection.‎ Joints and rotations remain a constant feature of the project, establishing a dynamic, direct relationship with water.‎ "    
"Taming water" for the purposes of customised wellbeing, to be experienced every day, simplifies daily life and gives it a new image, going beyond the usual schemes and aiming to achieve maximum comfort: these are the goals powerfully inspiring the entire Closer collection.‎
Diego Grandi is renewing the conceptual matrix of his design approach, which aims to create products that reinvent the everyday gestures associated with water, and give shape to a wellness that is easy to use and personalise.‎ Thanks to this development of its design, Closer now attains a level of comfort, practicality and aesthetic impact that is really extraordinary.‎
Harmonised shapes work together to achieve overall balance; corners are rounded off to give a simple, ergonomic grip; and the design of the connections makes it possible to turn round in the space in unexpected ways.‎ Closer is going beyond the limits of the classic water tap: more than applying design to the physical material, it designs the water itself and delivers it to "wherever you want it.‎ "
Chrome and soft touch black.‎
Brass body and handle, with other components made of materials resistant to corrosion and limescale.‎ Sintered ceramic disc cartridge.‎ Double nickel plated, with an overall thickness of 10-12 microns and a 0.‎ 2 micron chrome layer.‎

Closer Collection by ZUCCHETTI
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