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Love of detail. Passion. Creativity. Promemoria has antique roots. An adventure which began in the 19th Century in a village on the shores of lake Como where the Sozzi family managed a workshop, restoring and repairing the carriages of the local aristocracy. A specialized activity. Elitist. It was here among the perfume of wood and mordant where, over the forthcoming four generations, the knowledge of craftsmanship took shape and which, at the end of the eighties became Promemoria. Promemoria, a world of high class cabinet making, designed by Romeo Sozzi which is today the undisputed jewel in the crown of décor.

Romeo Sozzi, creator of a refined furniture couture, guides the designs of Promemoria. Alongside him are his three sons, Stefano (Prduction Manager), Davide (Architects) and Paolo (COO). Together, they run a very varied production activity which puts together all the various phases of working, from the research for materials to the care of the final finishings. Everything is made in Sozzi, in symbiosis with the art of Italian and European craftsmanship.

To its cultured and demanding public, Promemoria lends great value to encouraging the appreciation of the history of the objects, beyond their intrinsic value. As with haute couture clothing, the divans, wardrobes, the chairs and tables of Promemoria are objects not only to look at but also to caress, to smell and even to listen. Every piece is handmade, of limited edition and often made to measure. Every piece undergoes a severe process of quality control to certify its excellence.

Alongside the home collection of furnishings and accessories, an outdoors range has been added, while the kitchen has evolved into a “food system” designed for big areas. It is known as Angelina (from Romeo Sozzi’s mother), and it manifests the universal idea of a “food room”, efficient, functional and evocative. Sensitivity, research, experimentation and continual up-dating make Promemoria an international brand. Following the showroom of Lecco and the opening of another in the fashion triangle of Milan (Via Bagutta 13/Via Montenapoleone 8), a natural “theatre” for his collection of haute couture flavours, today Promemoria is present in its own exclusive locations in five of the major world capitals: Paris, London, Dallas, Moscow, Munchen, Hamburg and Miami and other dealers around the world.


Traditional craftsmanship skills, the use of fine materials, continuous research: these are the values which have always distinguished Promemoria creations. Influences of Art Déco, Far Eastern cultures and Italian craftsmanship can be witnessed in the collections. The pieces are classic whilst at the same time contemporary, and lend themselves to different types of living spaces. Every piece is hand crafted in the workshops, often to individual specifications, and is subject to quality controls in order to reach the highest standards. ... More ... less

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