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Based in the Netherlands, PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic specialises in acrylic and polycarbonate products for optical, technical and aesthetic applications. The company is a pioneer in bringing new materials and applications to market, and distinguishes itself by their unrivalled stock of tubes, rods and sheet materials. In fact, the firm is the only one that has its own exclusive acrylic colour collections, and also developed a new set of specific diffuser sheets for each application to ensure it is as energy-efficient as possible. PyraSied has been in the plastics field for 40 years and is constantly investing in new materials and material development. The company is also keen to provide a very reliable ‘one stop shop’ for supply chain partners, with additional services such as sawing, milling, laser cutting, bending, gluing, drilling and polishing complimenting one of the largest stock inventories in Europe. ... More ... less

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