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Milano / Italy

Qeeboo is the name of the brand launched by designer Stefano Giovannoni in 2016 at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Qeebo's debut - with 25 products available only online - was decidedly spectacular. The fun, ironic and surprising design made the collections an immediate success; the Rabbit chair has already become a design icon. Qeeboo furniture and accessories are the fruit of the imagination of the founder, famous for his successful collaborations with prestigious brands and for his pop approach to design. He is assisted by a team of international designers with eclectic talent. Under the careful supervision of Stefano Giovannoni, different sensibilities and styles coexist with the common goal of offering functional products that arouse emotions and stimulate the imagination. Qeeboo produces playful and narrative objects. They are the result of complex figurative research into the most representative icons of our collective imagination. Qeebo produces new pieces that people can interpret according to their sensibilities or hybrids that lend themselves to countless uses. Qeeboo collections are made of plastic modelled in injection moulds resulting from careful aesthetic and technological research.

Qeeboo chairs and armchairs: fun and ironic design

The Rabbit garden chair, the most iconic product from the brand's launch campaign, is shaped like a stylised rabbit. It is designed for straddling or for sitting on with one's back against the ears/backrest. Rabbit is for children and dreamy adults, a successful cross between a toy and a classic piece of furniture. The rabbit is a beloved animal, especially by children; it is also a symbol of love and fertility. The Rabbit chair communicates optimism and joie de vivre. Made of polyethene, Rabbit can be used outdoors and is available in the Rabbit Baby version in 11 different colours. The Rabbit Lamp is powered by an electrical socket or a rechargeable battery. There are two versions with special finishes: Rabbit Metal and Rabbit Metal Baby, in metallic polyethene in black, silver, brass and bronze; Rabbit Velvet and Rabbit Velvet Baby, in velvet-effect polyethene in six bright colours.
Designed by Nina Zupanc, the Ribbon Chair, moulded in a single piece of polypropylene, is characterised by a ribbon-shaped backrest and a feminine, soft, essential design. Ribbon Chair is available in black, pink and white, while the Ribbon Chair Metal version is available in gold, silver and rose gold. The same lightness and essentiality characterise the Loop Chair by the Swedish duo Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren, owners of the Front studio. The Loop backrest wraps around the seat, designing rings that give the chair a very unusual asymmetrical shape. Made of polypropylene, it is injection-moulded in a single piece, like many Qeeboo products. This complex technique makes it possible to create any form. Loop Chair is stackable, available in 4 colours and in a version with an integrated cushion.
Filicudi is a garden armchair, also suitable for indoor use, inspired by the quintessential Mediterranean plant: the prickly pear. Imagined by artist and set designer Marcantonio, the Filicudi armchair mixes art and design like all of the young talent's creations. The seat and back are made from a single piece of prickly pear blades arranged in a concave shape, while the base has four metal legs. Pupa, an armchair designed by Andrea Branzi, has an enveloping and sensual volume. With a generously sized shell, Pupa is ultimately light, thanks to the thin brass-plated supporting structure. It is available in 4 trendy colours and in the Pupa outdoor version with a chromed metal base.

Qeeboo, surprising complements and accessories

Qeeboo complements and accessories surprise and disorient, hiding their function behind an out-of-context design. Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel of Studio Job have indulged in creating objects with strong aesthetic impacts. The shark with its gaping jaws, evocatively named Killer, conceals an umbrella stand. In metallic polyethene, the Ming stool, paired with the Ming garden pot, reinterprets the classic Chinese vase, an ancient symbol of oriental culture. Studio Job's centrepiece remains the Mexico collection, inspired by a legendary Mexican figure. With its skull shape, the Mexico garden stool plays on our greatest fears. Mexico is a seat, but it can also be a garden table, an outdoor floor lamp or a planter in the two simple or illuminated versions. Made of polyethene, it is available in 4 colours, in metallic and velvet finishes, and in a new edition with a rustlike finish.
The Kong outdoor lamp collection designed by Stefano Giovannoni is inspired by the iconic gorilla, transformed into a lamp holder with its arm outstretched to hold an electric torch. The latest addition to Qeeboo, the Giraffe in Love lamp, designed by Marcantonio, is more of a surrealist dream object than a floor lamp. A 4-metre high fibreglass giraffe holds a lavish Maria Theresa-style drop chandelier. It is available as a wall lamp, table lamp in the XS version, and an outdoor version. Almost all accessories are available in a small version in the Qeeboo Mini collection and have also been transformed into smartphone and tablet holders, pencil cases and USB chargers.

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