Quintessenza Ceramiche

Fiorano Modenese / Italy

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Quintessenza Ceramiche, encapsulates and cherishes the antique mystery of a pure and subtle essence, the quintessence: that continuous and vibrant quest to reach the highest degree of style, the ultimate level of ceramic expression. Quintessenza Ceramiche offers a vast range of small format ceramic products. Surfaces that are the result of careful design, developed through a combination of minimalism and decoration, traditional and contemporary design, creative flair and geometrical precision.

Quintessenza Ceramiche, Italian design in a small format

The design concept for each collection is born in Italy, in the Sassuolo ceramics district and its deeply rooted tile culture. The constant creative research is influenced by formal and material alchemies that never tire of excite. Combining shapes and colours, textures and surfaces, materials and patterns is Quintessenza Ceramiche do: use ceramics to stimulate emotions. The small format is the distinctive element as it allows to reference past styles in a contemporary mood. Small format products are versatile and easy to lay, and their aesthetic value is combined with detailed design research to enhance their functionality. Quintessenza ceramics offer creative ideas for architects and designers who wish to experiment with an infinite range of colour combinations, and endless mixtures of form, too, thanks to the matching formats of these collections. Quintessenza also recommends a selection of coordinated grouts to enhance the essence of the colour and contrasting grouts, used as a decorative element. ... More ... less

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