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Wevelgem / Belgium

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Quinze & Milan originals go beyond furniture design. It offers a completely customisable collection of furniture. Their products prompt you to spin tales, to dream and to shape a reality all your own. Created by their in-house creative team or guest designers from various disciplines, the collections encompass parts of a whole rather than existing as solitary objects. Their work emerges from a desire to experiment. Experimentation allows them to discover completely new techniques, for ourselves and for other designers and architects. As a creative platform, they like the idea of exchanging ideas, and their in-house production facilities enable us to supply others with custom-made products. Their design team is in sync with their no-nonsense attitude, and open-minded, conceptual approach. Their collabs are unique experiments that allow them to mix their brand DNA & design approach with other iconic products and manufacturers whom they admire. They feed their designer’s creativity and allow them outside the comfort zone of product design, into other worlds. ... More ... less




Quinze & Milan x Ares Line
Quinze & Milan presents Red Pilot Stool
Quinze & Milan x Eastpak, Limited Edition

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