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Ragno is a brand founded in Sassuolo in 1949 and has become the protagonist of the Italian ceramic tile industry in the world. In the sixties and seventies, the Company distinguished itself in the production of glazed floor and wall tiles for various segments of the construction industry, both nationally and internationally. At the beginning of the 1980s, Ragno, with its cutting-edge production technologies, decided to pursue a marketing strategy that was increasingly oriented towards the needs of the customer, developing and offering a wide range of products in line with consumer trends and tastes. Today, the Company’s offer is characterized by precise and reliable solutions, in line with the latest trends in interior design and furniture that last over time. It offers flooring and interior and exterior coverings in porcelain stoneware, monoporous white plastic and mosaics, and dialogues with the world of the project through modular and flexible solutions, able to adapt to any environment, both domestic and contract.

Style and design of Ragno porcelain stoneware

Ragno's offer is characterized by reliable solutions, designed to last over time and able to be updated according to consumer tastes. The company offers products of different types, to meet every need in the building sector, both public and private: porcelain stoneware, glass mosaic for floors and walls, white body monoporous. The Ragno solutions are only modular and flexible, able to dialogue with the environment in which they are inserted. The continuity between indoor and outdoor environment, between wall and floor, becomes a characterizing element that is synthesized in high-performance collections of high technical content. The Ragno proposals are multiple and reinterpreted to adapt to any type of space. This is the case of Contrasti, porcelain stoneware floor/wall tiles with cement tiles effect. The collection includes six dusty colors, with neutral shades of white, grey, beige and anthracite, and more intense green and octane. There are many graphic movements of the same shade, which give this stoneware an urban imprint. Contrasti is suitable for floors and walls in both residential and commercial areas. Ragno also owns Resina, the new thin (6 mm) ceramic coating, with the aim of offering one of the favourite materials for interior designers. Created to evoke the irregular texture of the resin from which it takes inspiration, the collection offers a refined palette of colors, decorations and three-dimensional structures with a silky surface. Realstone offers a variety of solutions for floor and wall coverings, both indoor and outdoor. Realstone Gerusalem, for example, floor and wall cladding in mass-colored porcelain stoneware, lends itself to offering visual continuity between indoor and outdoor. These eco-sustainable coatings can be used for private, residential, public or commercial spaces such as shops, restaurants, bars, hotel lobbies. Within the same family we find Realstone Rain, which is inspired by the limestone stone of English origin, characterized by a minimal and regular graphics and a color variation barely perceptible, on the tones of greige. Rain Ragno is available in three natural soft surface colors, which can be mixed according to a blending concept that enhances the intensity of graphics and shades.

Ragno floor and wall coverings: quality and design for residential and commercial environments

Ragno over the decades has proposed solutions consisting of floor and wall coverings for refined and timeless design spaces. TexCem, flooring/covering with a concrete effect, gives a clear signal of the extreme versatility of Ragno solutions. The délabré effect reshapes the material, mixing the retro taste of cement with a fine textile texture of different shades; these skillful combinations, thanks to interesting plays of light, give the coverings material suggestions with a unique atmosphere. The coating Cocciopesto takes its name and finds its original characteristics precisely in the cocciopesto, an ancient building material used by the Phoenicians and then perfected by the Romans, consisting of fragments of brick such as tiles and crushed bricks and integrated into a base of malt. The collection is expressed in a single large size, available in five different shades, inspired by the natural pigments of Anthracite, Grey, White, Ivory and Cook, which give the product extreme versatility. These solutions are well suited for coating floors and walls in residential as well as commercial environments.
Ritual is instead a stone effect ceramic coating for interiors, where research and creativity meet to create a new interpretation of natural materials such as stone. Ritual is particularly suitable for bathrooms, living and public spaces such as commercial activities and SPAs. ... More ... less

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