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Reaxing is the company behind the unique and innovative fitness & sport line that uses SDI ‘Sudden Dynamic Impulse’ technology to reach better results in less time.
Reaxing training effects are neurologically and physically more efficient which promotes full dynamic competence in a new way of training, we call it Neuro Reactive Training.
Thanks to a new use of technology, Reaxing brings Neuro Reactive Training combined with equipment and applications dedicated to the various markets that pursue Health, Shape and Performance objectives.

Why choose Reaxing?

The sudden dynamic qualities, the unpredictability and instability of the devices allow a more powerful and motivating training, always different and engaging.
Some of the improved results obtained by users were in the following fields:
- Increased calorie consumption and metabolic activation
- Increased dynamic and overall muscle activation
- Higher stimulation and increased intelligent reactions
- Better body control and exercise competence improvement
- Static and dynamic proprioceptive enhancement
- Increased agility and anti-ageing regenerating effects

REsults AXelerator

Reaxing is a “Result Accelerator” to better results in less time and has been already chosen by the biggest and best Fitness Chains, International Sports Teams, Acclaimed Coaches and Trainers. The product range is currently been applied into Home gyms, Health Clubs, High Performance Centers, Rehabilitation Studios and Swimming Pools.

- Muscle Tone and Definition
- Weight Loss
- Performance
- Anti Ageing

- Increased revenues
- Increased member, client and staff retention
- Community building
- Enhancement of the customer experience

Reaxing DNA

“Discovery is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought.”
Albert Szent- Györgyi, nobel prize for Medicine and Physiology

Innovation is our mission, discovery is our vision.
In 2010 our team invented and developed Queenax. Our team made of it the most complete modular system for functional and suspension training and we spread it around the world. In 2011 our team has been honored with our first Innovation Award for Queenax.
In 2016 our team launched a new incredible project: Reaxing, an international success right away. It’s about training with suddenly impulses to improve the performances…A true neuromuscular training revolution.
During FIBO 2016 in Cologne, Germany, we’ve been awarded with our second Innovation Award, this time for our Reax Board.
In 2017, a few days after its international launch, our Reax Chain scored another outstanding achievement, by winning our third Innovation Award.
Innovation is our DNA.
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