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Reflection (Tianjin) Furniture Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014. It is a large-scale Chinese furniture trading company integrating manufacturing and trade. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to foreign trade and its services by receiving orders, focusing on providing customers with high quality, cost-effective furniture products. Nowadays, the company has taken a leading position in the furniture industry through its high self-requirements.

Factory, the stronghold

The company has its own factory, Jingmei Metal Glass Furniture Products Co.,Ltd., which was founded in 2008 and is located in Bazhou City, Hebei Province, China. The location of the factory is unique, close to Beijing, bordering Tianjin and near to Tianjin port, featuring convenient transportation, rich materials and human resources, For its short distance between Beijing, it is easier to attract investment and obtain government support, which helps the company occupy a large cost advantage. At the same time, as a large-scale base of the national furniture industry, Hebei Province can easily sense the competition and development within the industry, so that the factory can continue to absorb fresh blood and maintain vigorous development. The factory covers an area of about 400,000 square meters, employing 300 workers, possessing 30 giant machines. It has two main production lines of board and glass. In terms of production, the factory uses advanced technology and equipment and national environmental protection materials. The products are environmentally friendly and healthy. At the same time, the factory is committed to continuous research and development and innovation, walking in the fashion front of furniture products, and its speed to make innovation is fast. The factory adheres to the principle of honesty and quality as the root, and expands the business of the company through its own development. The customer has always been praising our products, and no product complaints have been received in the production for many years. The factory has absolutely high quality production crafts. From glass, to plate , table, chair and sofa, the factory has absolute strength and ranks among the best in the Chinese furniture industry. The board craft mainly involves the processing of high-density boards, particle boards, multi-layer boards, accompanying with skilled papers, veneer, zero-degree pressing and other crafts. The furniture produced by the these crafts can be seen as the backbone of the company's business. The glass production is the unique techniques of the factory. The glass industry of the factory occupies two complete production lines, witnessing the gorgeous turn from stone to glass. The company's glass furniture has always been loved by customers. The factory's powerful glass technology has made glass furniture get rid of the fragile label that has been affixed to it. Our tempering technology of glass has reached the domestic leading level. The factory is also dedicated to iron furniture. Our iron frame is the hallmark of the company's furniture products. We applies the iron frame to the dining chair and the sofa, which makes our furniture lighter and the product shape will be more diverse and more durable. The iron products are treated by exquisite crafts of painting, electroplating, gold plating and other processes, which make the products have an advantage in both appearance and interior.

Product, the soul of the company

Our products are very diverse, including dining tables, kits, coffee tables, desks, corner tables, dining chairs, bar chairs, lounge chairs, sofas, etc. There are two types of dining tables, one is the plate-making table based on board technology, mostly high-density boards, plus a veneer or paper process. At the same time, the company has been working on the surface treatment of the boards, producing a variety of solid wood edges. Our table has been widely loved by customers. The other type is tempered glass, coupled with atomization and other processes, the company produces a variety of different forms of tempered glass furniture, which are very popular in Europe and the United States. Our chairs, due to their unique iron structures, can be made in various shapes and they are more strong and solid. Coupled with high-quality fabrics and sponges, our chair’ sale is also booming. At the same time, the company has its own exhibition hall, where all of our products are shown, is to offer an window to our customers to see our strong research and development capabilities. Products are the soul of the company. Our company has been committed to develop and improve our products. Adhering to the high standards of self-improvement, upholding the principle of "never produce defective products", and constantly making self-breakthrough, our company has strong design and manufacturing capabilities, we can tailor it to the needs of different customers, which depends on our confidence in our crafts and the concept of customer first. At the same time, we adhere to the spirit of continuous learning and improve our products through multiple channels. In the future, our products will undoubtedly be more various and better.

Management, the drive force

The company's development depends on good management. It is especially important to have rules, no matter for a big country, small home, or a company. A rational use of resources, and a humanized management are important. The company adheres to the people-oriented management system, cares and pays attention to the comprehensive development of every employee. From materials to quality inspection, we have established a complete management system, and the scope of management has been accurate to every employee and every machine. Whether it's production or sales services, we have a well-regulated system to track and record each of our service. At the same time, we are committed to building a harmonious working environment and a united company team. The sight of the soul character determines the future of the company. The company selects experienced and capable personnel to take up important positions. At the same time, we creates many opportunities for newcomers to develop, and the collision of thinking makes our service flourish.

Customer, our development partner

The company regards customers as our development partners and seeks long-term cooperation and common development. Today, our customers are located all over the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, the European Union, South Africa, Australia and South Korea, and we are providing long-term services to a number of large furniture companies. Our annual production of furniture has exceeded 1,000 high cabinets and is still rising. We also insist on participating in various large-scale furniture exhibitions to showcase our products and service concepts to the world. We take every customer's opinions and feedback seriously, constantly improve our service level and manufacturing crafts, and keep pace with the times. In the future, we will make our products better and diverse, and our services will be more targeted, and strive to achieve simultaneous improvement of products and services. With the continuous improvement of technology and people's concept of furniture, the competition in the furniture industry will be more diversified in the future. Our company will always adhere to the attitude of advancing with the times, commit to the manufacturing and service of high-end furniture, and adhere to the quality first concept and strict manufacturing philosophy, constantly arming our own crafts, improving our service, and working with our customers to face any challenges that may arise in the future. We have absolute confidence and the ability to provide our customers with a unique cooperation experience! ... More ... less

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