Diito Dansaert - Rue des Chartreux


Rue des Chartreux, 19 +32 2 502 71 86
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Diito Dansaert - Rue des Chartreux

Rue des Chartreux, 19
1000 Brussels ( ) | Belgium
Tel: +32 2 502 71 86
Opening hours

10:30 -> 18:30

Closed on

Closing day: Dimanche, Lundi


Born from the meeting of young actors from the world of architecture, interior design and design, diito is a structure that aims to be as balanced as possible between the worlds of commerce, culture and design. Presenting contemporary or vintage furniture in a different way, with the possibility of acquiring the majority of the pieces on display but retaining its cultural dimension instead, this is our ambition for this space. Temporary exhibitions, simple explanatory sheets, meetings with designers or artists ... so many ways to show the public that behind each object there is a story, and that it is the story that interests us. Between cultural events, the commercial space takes its place, but the selection of objects presented does not betray our policy: between the contemporary furniture shop, the design gallery and the architecture workshop, the place is used to propose carefully selected furniture.

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