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Born in 1946, the French pioneer in the production of high-end decorative paints, represents a new luxury for home decoration. The products are used by demanding fashion and interior designers such as Sarah Lavoine, Serge Bensimon, Philippe Model, Robert Gervais, Patrick Baty, Mr & Mrs Clynk, Nathalie Rives, Karine Lanny and Stéphanie Marin. Ressource is synonymous of products quality, authenticity – ethics and aesthetics – but also rich proposal and wide range of 820 colors. With a tradition that combines architecture and contemporary design, the 100% French brand succeeds in winning over everyone thanks to the experience and the innovation in creating user-friendly products and tools. In 2018, as a French manufacturer, Ressource was certified "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" thanks to its know-how in the development and production of paints. Since 1998 the Company, even before the existence concept of eco-sustainable development, had already entirely incorporated it into its commitments, becoming one of the most environmentally sustainable companies in the sector thanks to three fundamental points: • Does not have a stock policy, coloring the paint on request to avoid waste. • Creates, distributes and sells long-lasting paint. • Develops water-based products with low VOC levels. ... More ... less


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