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Rex has become a go-to Made-in-Italy floor and wall tile brand for professionals and consumers who seek quality and excellence. Rex artistic ceramics offers a wide range of solutions for indoor and outdoor finishes, furnishings and worktops. The company, part of the Florim group representing ceramics excellence, emphasizes the pursuit of individual pleasure through beauty. With Rex ceramic wall tiles, it is easy to create functional and timeless spaces without compromising aesthetic impact and high quality. Every Rex collection presents the most precious and sensual materials that nature has to offer, skillfully selected by expert professionals. Consumers who choose Rex want to surround themselves with glamorous, practical and durable products. Rex artistic ceramics can be selected for their ornamental veining and decoration, embodying Made-in-Italy essence and haute couture style distinguished by the undeniable quality of the surfaces and fine detail.

Rex ceramics: dimensions, thicknesses, finishes

Rex by Florim is a porcelain stoneware tile line that will characterize any domestic and professional space thanks to the careful selection of raw materials and fine workmanship. The tiles are available in different thicknesses and sizes, from mosaic tiles to the large formats often preferred by designers to create a continuous floor surface. In line with the latest trends, Rex finishes often recall other materials like cement, precious marbles, wood, metal, fabric, stone, and glass. Rex translates these materials into ceramics, enhancing their qualities and aesthetic impact while offering all the advantages and characteristics of stoneware; they are indestructible, hygienic, and can be used anywhere, even outdoors. I Marmi di Rex is a marble-effect wall and floor tile that stands out from the others for its super-graphics, veining, brightness, and strong yet harmonious colors. I Classici di Rex is a versatile and modern porcelain stoneware collection that changes mood depending on how the tiles interact with space and light. The wall tile collection includes a selection of 5 marbles and 3 wood nuances that can be used indoors and out; they are perfect for recreating 1950s atmospheres but can also have a contemporary look. The 19 available sizes start from mini mosaic tiles and reach the largest 160 x 320 cm format; they come in 2 available thicknesses, 10 and 6 mm.
Presented at Cersaie in 2019, the I Filati di Rex collection is a unique project featuring Rubelli's finest textiles translated into ceramics. Thanks to the 34 available textures and colors, the collection conveys the sense of centuries-old silk artisanship in the sturdy, large-format ceramic slabs that resemble innovative fabrics - seductive to the eye and pleasant to the touch. The 3 available formats come in a single 6 mm thickness to give life to innovative but highly personalized spaces with the most heterogeneous moods.

Maintenance of Rex ceramics

Essential factors in the choice of any finishing material are practicality and maintenance. Rex by Florim proposes only the highest quality porcelain stoneware that is resistant and easy to clean according to manufacturer instructions. "Everyday cleaning" is the traditional and most frequent cleaning of floors and walls that require constant hygienic attention. They include vacuum removal of dust and dirt and washing or cleaning with the neutral or diluted alkaline products recommended by Florim. With daily care, Florim surfaces, in the case of the Rex line, will not be ruined. The use of warm water, weakly alkaline detergents, and specific products on natural surfaces is recommended. In contrast, products containing waxes or other substances that might leave superficial films and compromise natural finishes should be avoided. ... More ... less

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